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The University of Nigeria popularly known as UNN is among the top universities in Nigeria.  The university ranks between 4th – 7th top Nigeria universities by Shangai, NUC, 4IEU, Webometrics and other popular university rankings.

UNN is one of the most populated university in Nigeria, with an average population of 45, 000 students. The university is the number one choice university in the eastern part of the country. Due to its academic might and excellence, the students are nicknamed as “Lion and Lioness.

University of Nigeria, has produced greater numbers of alumni and important figures in the country with some noble price winners (Chinua Achebe), with an academic staff mostly professors of about 1,600.

The university provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students and the university staff, including a library for learning, Accommodation, sport facilities, financial aids or scholarships for its distinguished students to study abroad for their postgraduate.

University of Nigeria Overview

The university has its main campus at Nsukka, Enugu State with two other campuses (Enugu and Ituku-Ozalla) in Enugu town. UNN was founded by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1955 and formally launched into operation in October 7th, 1960.

The institution was the first full-fledged indigenous and first autonomous university in Nigeria, after the American educational system. UNN was established after a law to establish a University in the Eastern Region of Nigeria was passed on 18 May 1955. The law was championed by late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

The then leader of the Eastern Nigeria Government invited both the United States of America and the United Kingdom to send advisers to help in the planning of physical and educational aspects of the proposed university. The two country set up a committee to head the investigation.

Under United States Agency for International Development (formerly referred as the joint auspices of the Inter-University Council for Higher Education and Overseas and the International Co-operation Administration). Hannah, J. A, the then President of Michigan university and Dr Glen L. Taggart, Dean of International Programs at the same university, visited Nigeria in 1958.

Their recommendation among others factors led to the establishment of University of Nigeria in 7th of October, 1960. The university opening ceremony and laying of the foundation was performed by Princess Alaxandra of Kent, who represented Queen Elizabeth II.

The institution became the first fully-fledged university in Nigeria, as University of Ibadan was still as at that time a university college granting London degrees.

University of Nigeria Campuses

UNN has four campuses namely Nsukka main campus, Enugu campus (UNEC),  Ituku-Ozalla Campus (Teaching Hospital, UNTH) and Aba campus (UNAC). The main campus is located at Nsukka town at about 80 kilometres north of Enugu with a very sweet natural climate.

The climatic condition of Nsukka campus is one of the best in the country, giving students a conducive serene for learning.

UNN Faculties

The university faculties are scattered across the four campuses of the university. About eight of the faculties are located at the Nsukka campus. The Faculties include: Faculty of Agriculture, Arts, Biological Sciences, Education, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine.

The Faculties of Business Administration, Environmental Studies, Law and Medical Sciences are located at the Enugu Campus, being the capital city of Enugu.

The teaching hospital (UNTH) attached to the University is presently sited at Ituku-Ozalla (25 kilometres south of Enugu) on a 500 hectare site. It also hosts the Faculty of Dentistry and Health Sciences and Technology. And finally, the Institute of Nigerian Languages is located at the Aba campus.

UNN Academics Strength

The university has achieved sound academic result compared to other universities in the country. Chinua Achebe, the author of “Things fall Apart” was a research and teaching staff in the university.

Renowned Astrophysicist Sam Okoye founded the Space Research Center in 1972. The centre has of today remain of the leading institutions in Africa that offers courses in astronomy both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The university teaching hospital is the power house of National Cardiothoracic Center. Following the first open heart surgical operation in Nigeria undertaken in 1974 at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu.

A lot of medical research is also being carried out in the college. Most of the projects are nearing completion, but it is pertinent to note that some too, have fallen short of completion due to lack of finances and the Government’s reluctance to fund private research.

Faculty of Law has also stand out in the university, not only is it the oldest in the country, it has also produced popular legal practitioners. Prominent among them is late Barrister J. Okonkwo (SAN).

Okonkwo has served as legal adviser to many prominent individuals in the country, few of such include:  President Bush, former Vice-President of Nigeria, Alex Ekwueme, Barclays Bank, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, Shell Petroleum, amongst others.


The University, Nsukka Libraries is popularly called the Nnamdi Azikiwe Library. The library is one of the most sophisticated library in the country equipped with modern technology. The library has about 4000 laptop with internet service and documents to aid student learning.


UNN has provision of hostels for both the undergraduate and postgraduate students at a minimal price. The hostels are in three main classes, the female undergraduate hostels, male undergraduate hostels and the postgraduate hostel.

The university hostel is not enough to accommodate all its students especially after the collapse of Zik’s hostel. The university has approximately 6000 bed space that can accommodate approximately 18,000 students.

Due to shortage of bedspace, the available spaces are being rationed as follow:

First Year students     –      40%

Final Year students    –       25%

Others Students         –        35%

Other important things to note includes

  • Allocation  of bed are strictly on the basis of First come, First Serve system.
  • First Year and final year students are given high priority during allocation.
  • All Nursing Mothers must apply for accommodation online and must notify the authorities early
  • Students can stay alone in a room or be two persons in a room.

The following are highly prohibited and will attract eviction from the hostel

  • Squatting of any kind.
  • Late return to the hostel at night.
  • Drinking of Alcohol.
  • Fighting and quarrelling.
  • Use of hotplates, electric boiling ring, refrigerator, gas cooker and so on.
  • Use of generator sets.
  • Defecating and bathing at undesignated places.
  • Pouring of water in undesignated places.
  • Defacing of Hostel walls by posting of bills, posters and any document.

How to Gain Admission into University of Nigeria

Like every other popular federal university in Nigeria. To gain admission into UNN, can sometimes be very challenging to most JAMBITES mostly because of lack of information. Here I will be sharing with you few things I feel you should do to easily gain admission into the almighty UNN.

  1. Plan ahead of time: This sound pretty easy and common, but is the major problem facing most applicants. You have to decides what is your drive? Is it your friends that is driving you to UNN? Or the intended course of study and many other factors.

Planning ahead on time involves getting one or two concrete information about UNN, just like this one am sharing here. Having gain those information, ask yourself are you still ready for UNN? The university is highly competitive for some courses like medicine, law, economics among others. So are you willing to compete among the other pull of applicant.

Are you willing to pay the sacrifice of reading harder, smatter? Are you willing to take it if you were not given admission?  Your answer to some of these question will lead us to the next point.

  1. Your Course Study: The course you choose to a large extent will determine your chances of admission. All courses are not these same in terms of competition. The more the competition involves in a course the less the chances of admission for an average students.

Am not saying you should not follow your dream and ambition that is if you have the right mindset of going to the university, but you should consider the profitability of the course after graduation if your main aim is for good job after graduation.

You may want to read my post on Why people go to the university, to know if you have the right mindset of going into the university. Or if your interest is on getting new job with your degree after university, then read my post on Most profitability courses in the university.

UNN admission is mostly determined by your JAMB performance. So, if you don’t reach care about which course you study, you can choose some less competitive course.

3 Consider your Subject Combination: When choosing the combination of subject to write in JAMB, please, review JAMB latest brochure and select the most appropriate to your discipline.

If you intends studying economics, you must select subject like math, economics English and government or commerce. Avoid the mistake of not including math maybe because you hate math.

Also, while choosing your subjects, consider the alternative course or second choice course that can also go with your subject combination. The reason is because at some point after your JAMB exam, you may wish to go for JAMB change of course form or UNN supplementary admission.

This will increase your chances of landing in your dream course.

  1. Consider your catchment area: The university follow the NUC rules of 45% Merit, 35% Catchment Area and 20% Education Less Developed States (ELDS). The catment area of 35% covers those from south-east geopolitical zone.

So, if you are from any of those such states, you have better chances to gain admission into UNN that the other region of the country except for those from less developed states.

  1. Your JAMB Scores Matter.

In the past, UNN considered the average of the aggregate of Post UTME score and Jamb score. With the recent educational policy made in Nigeria, the major criteria for gaining admission into any university is your JAMB score.

Except the policy is reversed in the future as it is been debated by currently, JAMB will remain the major road map for admission. To gain admission means to score high in JAMB.

  1. Prepare to score high in JAMB.

Since, JAMB is the singular most important criteria to gain admission into Nigeria universities, UNN inclusive. Prepare ahead to pass your JAMB excellently. Enroll for tutorial, read your book, get past questions, seek for help wherever is necessary.

I have written couple of article on how to read smartly, study tips, time to study  and others. I recommend you start by reading this very post, How to learn and memorize faster, Please, make sure you read it.

  1. Carefully Follow Instructions on the Day of Exam.

On the day of your JAMB exam and University of Nigeria screening, carefully read the instructions on your question paper, and follow them exactly. Don’t be in a haste to start, relax and digest instruction before you launch out.

  1. Trust in God not just in your effort

The race of life is not to the swift or the smart, time and chances happened to them all (Ecclesiastes 9:11). Am not preaching, but it is the truth. You think those who have failed to gain admission every year after all efforts are not smart enough?

You can visit UNN website for more details.

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