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University of Ibadan: History-Admission-Ranking-Scholarship

University of  Ibadan popularly called UI is the best university or top university in Nigeria according to Nigeria university commission (NUC) ranking. The university is the oldest university in Nigeria and is known as the citadel of Learning.

UI has received substantial funding from various institutions or individuals, including  European Commission, Johns Hopkins University, Indiana University, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Wellcome Trust (UK), the World Health Organisation, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and US federal grant.

Like University of Lagos, UI has on its record notable alumni and figures in Nigeria. Popular among them is Chinua Achebe (author of things fall apart), Wole Soyinka, Emeka Anyioku, and many other figures who has won one or two Noble price internationally.

The university has on its record twelve faculties including the college of medicine. The other faculties include: Arts, Agriculture and Forestry, Dentistry, Education, Law, Pharmacy, Public health, Science, Social Sciences, Technology, and Veterinary Medicine.

University of Ibadan also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to the university staff and students including a library, housing, sport facilities and a zoological gardens.


To be a world-class institution for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs.


  • To expand the frontiers of knowledge through provision of excellent conditions for learning and research.
  • To produce graduates who are worthy in character and sound judgement.
  • To contribute to the transformation of society through creativity and innovation.
  • To serve as a dynamic custodian of society’s salutary values and thus sustain its integrity.

Brief History of University of Ibadan

UI started as Yaba College at Yaba Lagos in 1932 and Nigeria first tertiary institution. The institution was later transferred to Ibadan in 1948. The institution became the first Nigeria university.

The university first Chancellor was Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the first prime minister of Nigeria. kenneth Dike was the university first vice chancellor after whom the University of Ibadan’s library is named.

The university has on average population of 35, 000 students on her various programmes. It also has various research units dedicated to national research. The university is the first university in Nigeria to develop a behavioural model in econometrics.

The university has stand out in econometric studies. The Centre for Econometric and Allied Research [CEAR] has become research authority in Nigeria and Africa with number of research, seminars, and workshop.

The university research field include:

Research Fields

Econometric Modelling for Policy Analysis and forecasting

* Applied General Equilibrium Modelling for Policy

* Input-output Modelling and Construction of 1-0 tables

* Social Accounting Matrices (SAM) Construction

* Short, Medium Term, and Perspective Planning

* System Simulation Studies

* Regional Modelling and Analysis

* External Debt Management and Analysis

* General Mathematical Modelling and Applications

* Common Market Studies.

The various unit in the university include:

  • The Registry
  • The Bursary
  • Careers Placement and Counselling Unit
  • Foreign Students Unit
  • The Sports Council
  • The Library
  • The Computing Centre
  • The Press
  • The Bookshop
  • The Botanical Garden
  • The Zoological Garden
  • University Media Centre, which houses the campus radio station, DIAMOND 101.1 FM.
  • The Abadina Media Resource Centre
  • Advancement Centre
  • The University Health Services
  • Works and Maintenance
  • Academic Planning
  • Internal Audit

University of Ibadan Postgraduate Studies

UI like Unilag has a highly competitive environment for postgraduate studies. The institution is students choice for postgraduate studies because of its academic quality. On yearly basis over 27, 000 applicants apply for her postgraduates studies.  Read my post on University of Lagos everything you want to know.

University of Ibadan is among the leading university with fast postgraduate programme. The schools fees is moderate. The fees of postgraduate on average is N100,000. There is provision for both full time and part time programme.

Accommodation issue in UI

There is a state of the art in the university. The quality of accommodation provided by the institution to her numerous local and international students both undergraduate and postgraduates are the bye product of many grant the school has received in the time past.

There are accommodating halls for both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Halls of Residence are somewhat autonomous from each others. Each Hall of Residence in the institution has a Management Committee, which is responsible for matters of general policy for the social, cultural and intellectual activities of the Hall.

A number of roles are assigned to the various Management Committee in the university, in terms organising its own social, cultural and intellectual activities designed to preserve, develop and enrich the traditions of each of the Hall.

The Management Committee in each of the halls is made up of the Hall Master or Mistress, the Hall Warden and Assistant Wardens, the Hall Supervisor and the Hall Executives. The halls executive consists of some students by the other students to help in running the affair of the halls.

Each of the halls accommodates  about 4 students per room. The halls include:

Queen Elizabeth II Hall

  • The hall is for female undergraduate students of the university.
  • The hall is named after Queen Elizabeth II, who formally opened the hall in 1956.
  • The hall is located along the Oduduwa road and has the capacity of over 700 students.

Other Female Hostels include:

  • Queen Idia Hall for  undergraduate students.
  • Obafemi Awolowo Hall for  undergraduate students.

Mellanby Hall

  • The hall is named after Kenneth Mellanby, the first Principal of the University College.
  • The hall is for male undergraduates of the university.
  • The hall is located in the North corner of the University Court.
  • The hall is very peaceful and house over 500 students.
  • The hall is the smallest hall in the school, with four blocks- A,B,C and D. Block D is dedicated to the finalist.
  • The hall has a cafeteria, relaxation room, a small football field and a volleyball court.
  • The hall also has clubs such as the Literary and Debating Club and a press organization.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall

  • As the name sound, the hall is named after Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first Nigeria president.
  • The hall is the largest hall in U, and its occupants are called Zikites.
  • The hall has almost the same feature with that of Mellanby.


Other Male Hostel include:

  • Sultan Bello Hall  for male undergraduate students.
  • Kuti Hall for male undergraduate students.
  • Tedder Hall for undergraduate students  adjacent to Mellanby Hall.
  • Independence Hall (male, undergraduate).

Postgraduate Halls

The post graduate halls are mixed of males and female. The halls in postgraduates include:

  • Tafawa Balewa Hall.
  • Alexander Brown Hall mixed, clinical medical, dental and physiotherapy students.
  • Abdulsalam Abubakar Hall

The halls listed here are not all inclusive. There so many other features common to the serene of the halls. There are cafeteria, joints or relaxation centres where people easily eat. UI has a wide collection of accommodation that can meet the needs of her teeming students.

However, some students often prefers to live outside the campus for one or two reasons. The institution has a wide array of learning facilities and various group that students can join to build their self confidence.

Admission requirements at University of Ibadan

The following is the admission requirements for gaining admission to UI as advertised in her website. It is noted that the requirement is in addition to Jamb requirements as contained in the university official website.

  1. The University accepts five credits at only one sitting in the following faculties
  2. College of Medicine
    a. Basic Medical Sciences
    b. Clinical Sciences
    c. Dentistry
    d. Public Health
  3. Pharmacy
  4. University of Ibadan accepts five credits at one sitting or six credits at two sittings in the following Faculties
  5. Agriculture and Forestry
    2. Arts
    3. Education
    4. Law
    5. Science
    6. Technology
    7. The Social Sciences
    8. Veterinary Medicine

Steps to Gaining Admission in UI

The following steps will guide to gain admission into UI faster. Outside meeting the requirement of passing your West Africa certificate Examination (WAEC) or its equivalent. You must follow this guidelines

  1. JAMB: To gain admission into UI, you must pass JAMB with at least 200 marks. It should be noted that JAMB is not the only criteria but the major determinant. You should aim to score 260 and above, as some department cut-off mark is 260 and above.

To score 260 mark and above in Jamb you might need some past question. Get past question the market around you, but we can send one for you. Just send us email requesting for JAMB past question and we shall forward same to you same day for free.

  1. Consider Your catchment area: It is important for all applicant to note that UI like every other federal university considers catchment area. The catchment area for UI is made up of the south-west region, namely: Lagos state, Ogun state, Oyo state, Osun state, Ekiti state, Ondo state.

The catchment criteria is usually 5 marks below other applicants from other areas. For instance, if someone from North score 264 and someone from the state mentioned above score 260, he will be offered admission before the other guy who score 264. Though, if the guy from the North score 266 he will be considered before the guy who score 266 from the south-west.

  1. Age Bracket: The school Management has made it mandatory, that all applying candidates who would not be at least sixteen (16) years of age by the time of admission are not eligible to apply. Hence, anyone who applied before reaching age 16 at admission time will have their submission declined automatically.
  2. Finally, go and pray to God for favour, anything can happen with prayer.

You may need to read my post on “How to gain admission to Nigeria Universities” for further insight.

To get further details on University of Ibadan, you can visit their official website below.

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