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University of Lagos Information: Everything You Must Know

University of Lagos popularly known as Unilag is among the top universities in Nigeria. Unilag is the first choice university in Nigeria, in terms of exposure, social life. The university is ranked number #1 by Shanghai rankings university ranking, 4 International Colleges & Universities (4ICU) and #2 by NUC. Read Nigeria top 100 university

The university has produced great number of alumni and top figures in Nigeria. The school has produced Nigeria vice president, Numbers of governors, Bank MD, Actress, and many other notable figure. In fact, majority of Nigeria movers and shakers are products of University of Lagos.

University of Lagos is the most expensive and competitive university for postgraduate studies in Nigeria. On yearly basis, the university receives applications of about 42, 000 students but ends up absorbing about 5k. Only God knows the faith of the remaining 37k students. You may want to read my article on how to gain admission into Nigeria universities.

Brief History

University of Lagos (Unilag) was established in 1962, based on the report of The Ashby Commission, titled Investment in Education. The report recommend the establishment of University of Lagos (Unilag) for the study of economics, commerce, business administration, and higher management studies.

Also, the needs to intensify the training of a professional workforce for a newly independent Nigeria (as at October 1st, 1960) in search of rapid industrialisation, and economic development. Due to the fact that the country lacked the requisite workforce to actualise the people’s dream. There was a big gulf to be filled, and that required establishing many more universities.

University of Lagos (Unilag) main campus is located at Akoka, Yaba. It presently has three Campuses in Yaba and Surulere. Whereas two of its Campuses are located in Yaba. its College of Medicine is located in Idi-Araba, Surulere.

It is remarkable that all the three campuses are located in the Mainland of Lagos. Its main campus is largely surrounded by the scenic view of the Lagos lagoon on 802 acres of land in Akoka, North Eastern part of Yaba.

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The university has fourteen academic units with twelve Faculties, namely, Arts, Business Administration, Clinical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Law, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Science, and Social Sciences.

The other two academics units include Centre for Human Rights and the Centre for African Regional Integration and Borderland Studies. The Distance Learning Institute (DLI) of the University also offers courses in Accounting, Business Administration, Science Education and Library / Information Sciences.

University of Lagos (Unilag) started with three faculties: Commerce and Business Administration, Law and Medicine. The university admitted only 100 students in 1962/63 academic session; 46 from Commerce and Business Administration, 26 from Law, and 28 for medicine. Compare the number with today number of students after over 50 years.

In 1964 the management further added four more faculties namely faculty of Arts, Education, Engineering and Science.

The University currently has a School of Postgraduate Studies, a Distance Learning Institute (DLI) and twelve faculties, namely:

  • Arts
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Dental Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

Unilag Academic Strength

University of Lagos (Unilag) has approximately has approximately 3370 staff made up of Administrative, Academic and non-academic staff. The university has approximately 57,500 students in all her programme combined. The student called themselves the “Akokites.”

University of Lagos (Unilag) Vision

To be a top class institution for the pursuit of excellence in knowledge , character and service to humanity.

University of Lagos (Unilag) Mission

“To provide a conducive teaching, learning, research and development environment, where staff and students will interact and compete effectively with other counterparts, both nationally and internationally in terms of intellectual competence and the zeal to add value to our World”.

University of Lagos Achievement

There are numbers of achievements on the record of Unilag, outside producing the greatest movers and shakers in Nigeria. Unilag is a leading figure in academic research. The university organizes an annual Research and Conference Fair where the University rewards its exceptional researchers for their outstanding research and innovations.


The Unilag’s radio station, UNILAG 103.1 FM, is the first university radio FM established by any University in Nigeria in 2004. The station was established practically to enhance learning, and provide on the job experiences for students especially in relevant disciplines such as Mass Communication, Physics, Electronics, Distance Learning. It was also to increase the educational opportunities available to the wider community. The station since its inception has performed this role creditably and done so much in expanding the frontiers of knowledge.

University of Lagos Student Affairs

The student affairs is responsible for attending to student related issues. The office is headed by the “Dean of Student Affairs”.  The dean report s any policies and issue bordering on students wellbeing to the Vice-Chancellor based on the recommendation of Students Welfare Board .

Unilag student affair consist of five Units:

  1. Accommodation Hostel
  2. Counseling Session
  3. Students’ Activities and International Students Affairs.
  4. Identification, Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries
  5. Work Study and Job Placement

In addition, the office takes part in the activities of all University committees dealing with student matters. I may not go into details in each of them because of want of time.

Hostel Accommodation

The university of Lagos has approximately 13 halls for students accommodation. Providing accommodation to over 6000 students, most especially foreign students. The university has few land mass, hence cannot meet all the accommodation needs of her students.

The Hall comprises of both male hostel and female hostel. The priority order for allocation into the Halls of Residence is as follows: final year students, Students’ Union Executives, foreign students, sportsmen and women, and first year students. The University’s off-campus accommodation policy is’ applicable to all 2nd Year students.

All the students has access to all the facility in the school. In addition the school has some buses running through the campus to different part of Lagos to ease the transportation cost on the students.

Counseling Unit

In order to ensure the success of her students in the societies, Unilag provides some counseling to the students on the following areas:

  • Students seeking for both part-time and full-time jobs
  • Job hunting skills, writing of curricular vitae, tips on landing on the dream job.
  • Partnering with private firms to organise job interview for the graduating students for immediate employment.
  • Provides any other information as may affect the student wellbeing and career.

Student Activities’ Unit

This section of the students affair resolves issues with the student representatives. They  organises elections and relates to students’ representatives on a day-to-day basis. They are also in charge of mobilising graduating students for National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC).

Identification, Scholarships, Loan and Bursaries Unit

This unit handles issues relating to Students’ I. D. Cards, Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This unit in collaboration with some financial institutions provides I.D cards to students and other financial aids.


There are numbers of scholarship available for both undergraduates and postgraduates students with exceptional abilities. The university offers at least 500 scholarship to students yearly.

Postgraduate Scholarship

The criteria for accessing Unilag post graduates scholarship includes:

  • Must be Unilag product, who have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or the equivalent.
  • The award covers the normal duration of the degree course subject to good progress report on the scholar by his supervisor.

Other undergraduate Awards Tenable in the University

  1. African American Institute
  2. G. Leventis Nig. Limited
  3. Arney Road Tone
  4. Association of African University
  5. Commonwealth Scholar
  6. Elder Dempster Agency
  7. Gulf Oil of Nigeria Limited
  8. International Merchant Bank (1MB)
  9. International University Exchange Fund
  10. Julius Berger Nigeria Limited
  11. Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited
  12. National Library of Nigeria
  13. National Electric Power Authority (NEPA)
  14. Nigerian Army and Navy Scholarship
  15. Nigerian Breweries Limited
  16. Z. and Co. Nigeria Limited
  17. Shell B. P. Petroleum Development of Nigeria Ltd.
  18. A.C. of Nigeria Limited
  19. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  20. United States Information Services (USIS)
  21. Van Leer Containers Co.
  22. Nigerian Tobacco Co. Limited
  23. Federal Cameroon Government Scholarship
  24. Federal Republic of Germany
  25. Mobil Exploration of Nigeria Scholarship
  26. Nigerian Ports Authority
  27. Elf Nigeria Limited
  28. Standard Bank of Nigeria Limited
  29. West African Portland Cement Co. Limited
  30. Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship
  31. Federal Government of Nigeria (State) Scholarship
  32. Seven-Up Company
  33. Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC)
  34. The United Nigeria Insurance Company Limited (UNIC)
  35. Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST)
  36. Various Philanthropists.

Work & Study/Job Placement Unit

The Work & Study Programme (WSP) is basically designed to help students to reduce the burden of financing their education.

Unilag was actually the first Nigeria university to introduce the work & study programme. It was design to make education accessible to individuals who do not have the opportunity to undergo university education before they started working.  And also to make education accessible to all by allowing people to school were working. This is exactly what online universities around the world are doing.

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Objectives of University of Lagos (Unilag) WSP

  • To alleviate the financial burden of students through part -time and vacation employment
  • To enable the generality of students appreciate the dignity of labour and the essence of working
  • To enable students acquire some useful work-experience while pursuing their courses of study
  • To expose students to the intricacies of work-life
  • To prepare students for gainful employment after graduation

WSP programme is open to the general public to run most especially if you meet their basic requirement, such as 5 credit in WAEC including mathematics and English language. You can get more details in the policies code and conduct.

Steps to Gain Admission into University of Lagos (Unilag) Full time students.

Like I earlier stated above, University of Lagos (Unilag), is the most competitive university in Nigeria to secure admission into. To gain admission into it you must adhere to this simple instructions below.

  1. Obtain WAEC or its equivalent in one sitting: Please Unilag does not accept two sittings in WAEC, so if you really need Unilag enroll and study hard to make your WAEC once if you have not.
  2. Aim to score above 250 in your JAMB: If you can score something like 270 above wow! That is absolutely great. With Jamb score of 250-270 you are sure of admission depending on the department and faculty you are applying for.

In most cases the applicants average score are used as cut-off marks. For instance, during my time, economics cut-off mark was 265. So you can imagine even if you score 264 there won’t be any admission for you except it fall under your catchment.

  1. Review past question: Take advantage of past questions and prepare well for your Jamb examination. You get past questions virtually everywhere on the street and in the market. If you can’t still access one, send us email requesting for one and we shall forward same to your email.

Please, remember that the federal government has cancelled post UTME but that does not mean that you should not prepare yourself. Some university has defiled that orders and still went ahead to conduct Post Utme for their applicants.

University of Lagos (Unilag) initial post Utme exam is ussually Computer Base Test (CBT) in three main subject area: Mathematics (10 questions), English Language (15 questions) , and General Paper (15 questions).

  1. Age Bracket: The school Management has made it mandatory, that all applying candidates who would not be at least sixteen (16) years of age by October 31 are not eligible to apply. Hence, anyone who applied before reaching age 16 at October 31st will have their submission declined automatically.
  2. Consider catchment areas: It is important for all applicant to note that the school admits students based on Catchment areas made up of the south-west region, namely: Lagos state, Ogun state, Oyo state, Osun state, Ekiti state, Ondo state.

The catchment criteria is usually 5 marks below other applicants from other areas. For instance, if someone from East score 264 and someone from the state mentioned score 260, he will be offered admission before the other guy who score 264 but not when he score 266.

University of Lagos Postgraduate Studies

Please, let me quickly add this, University of Lagos post graduate studies is the most expensive and competitive public university in Nigeria. In fact the post graduate studies is the hub of all Lagosians. So, if you want gain admission into the university for your postgraduate you must be ready to compete. It is Nigeria Harvard university.

Need any further information, we are here to help you out.


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