10 Lies We Were Told In the University Causing Unemployment

The Professors and the elites lied to us and they are still lying to our younger ones in the university, and we are helpless and seemly can’t do anything about it.

Last week while I was surfing the internet I stumbled upon a write up, “Why I hate school.” I paused and decides to read the article, the guy explain why school especially in Nigeria really suck. After I finished reading the post, I decide to engage some few friends in social media about the same  issues and my findings shock me.

I saw  lots of youth who think the government through their puppet in the education system has failed them and have lied to them about what education is really about. After the interaction, I decides to share with you top ten lies we were told in the university that is still sucking us dry today and the cause of mass unemployment everywhere.

One senator in the last regime said something powerful,  he said, “Nigeria universities are producing many unemployable graduates yearly” graduates without skills – yet most of them graduates with good grade (certificates).

Lie #1: Grade Determines Level of Intelligence

From my polls, I discover that we were deceived to believe that grade is a measure of intelligence. The university is structured in such a way that what determines the most intelligent or smartest person is his grade. Without paying attention to how this grade were gotten and other unseen factors.

This made me to remember when I was in the university, the school wanted to offer some reward to her best brain. So they decides to use CGPA as the criteria for selection, surprisingly one of my friend was selected as the best students in his department.

This is a guy who cannot talk in the public, can hardly think beyond the box – this guy can’t rank top ten by natural intelligence, skills, communication, reasoning, etc. He cram to pass exam and can’t explain a concept beyond it theoretical aspect, for sure he is not near the best, yet he was selected.

This incidence made so many student to lost hope concerning learning and result to cramming to meet up with the task, thereby subjecting us to cramming some outdated junks called “lecture materials” handed to us by some dumb lecturers.

Don’t get me wrong good grade is not bad but shouldn’t be the only criteria to decides a student ability. Why can’t Nigeria universities emulate some prominent Ivy League universities Like Harvard university who consider so many factors including, leadership role, community involvement, passion/skills development and many others in deciding best students, thereby encouraging creativity.

Lie #2: Certificate is Education

We were deceived to believe that certificate is education. Education I know for real is beyond certificate. And I ask, If education is certificate as we are meant to believe, what happen to those practical knowledge we learn without going to school? Those we learn even in the social media.

Am sure no Nigeria university teaches you dinning etiquette in public appearance,  what to do in your first date, how to cope with depression of unemployment when it knock at your door, and many more.

You see certificate in its real sense is paper and nothing more. It was originally designed to tell people you undergone some training, but today certificate is deceiving us as it can be gotten anyhow, and so people no longer cares how it was gotten so long you have it, you are at even. Shit!

Is painful how students in the university no longer care about knowledge but hustle for just mere paper. Why will Nigeria (Africa) ever measure with the white, since their best brains are there at home jobless and the dumb that lacks idea are the working class, because they know someone who knows someone.

I met a lady during my NYSC programme at the university, in the course of charting with her she said, “My mother told me to just get her Lower Credit in the university and am sure of job.” Can you imagine, and this made her to care only on how to pass her exam not regarding whether she knows the course.

Lie #3: We were Brainwashed to believe that Good Grade get Good Job

This is one of the most blatant lies we were told. From my findings I discover that in the real world good grade from the university is the fourth determinant of employability after university.  But we were told that it is the major determinant, people neglect their skills, passion in the pursuit of grade because of this lie.

I remember before I admitted to the university I was a public speaker in training, manage some business but all this skills nearly die while in the university because of the pressure to make good grade and live a comfortable life after university.

Like me, we were deceived to believe that we only need good grade to get nice job, we were not told that there were no job, and that even the little job available are for the elites children and relations. Thank God for some of us who do not only seek for good grade but knowledge!

Lie #4: We were brainwashed to Love Job and Avoid RISK

This one is the problem of our youth in Nigeria most especially. God! Nigeria university train us to be an employee not employer. How? let me explain, the university emphasize good grade as road map to quick riches, so we were trained to compete for good grade.

We were not trained with entrepreneur skills, I don’t mean giving you book to read about classes of business, sources of funds, mostly taught by dumb lecturer who has never tried business once. A man cannot give what it does not have! Forget what you know about business, try one then you will realize how much you need to learn.

Wait! Do you remember most of us were just taught how to paint verbally without any on the job training. What stop the university from using one year to train her students on practical business. Let them be given some sort of funds by the government to manage some business after which awards are given to the best students.

Why there is nothing evil about being an employee, (I said nothing evil) we cannot just maintain our continent and economy when all of us think of job as a way of life. We need creativity, skills and entrepreneur skills like – taking risk to drive our economy, and this must be taught in the class room by experts (Practical one).

Lie #5: University Rewards Creativity/ Learning and not Cramming

Lies! university was designed to encourage learning and shape our mind for creativity, but we were rather encouraged to cram by the lecturers. We were conditioned to cram lots of junks (In my opinion outdated materials) in order to pass.

A lecturer would have to mark a student based on his stipulated marking scheme. Anything outside the marking scheme will result in failure. You see student cramming to pour out in exam hall without remembering same again.

I remember finding it very hard to cram in my first year in the university, but when it was dawn on me I have to learn little of cramming, though I do this only when I must have finished researching about the very course.

Learning goes beyond reading and cramming, it should be research oriented.  See what the Chinese do to prove you know something. They will ask you question on a particular subject seven times and by the time you try to explain same thing seven times in different ways you must have learn and explain so much.

Lie #6: They lied to us by not teaching us the Doing side

In the university we were taught about cramming, about jobs, about business – not an investment, about our disciplined, but we were not taught how to practicalize same. According to Africabusinessclassroom.com reading only takes 30% of learning, while the remaining 70% lies in doing.

Many graduates with no practical knowledge of computer. You can read three books on the computer, you will still not know how to operate a keyboard … until you sit down with a computer. So we were taught to read and cram not to do the practical things.

Do you know that so many engineering students never have the opportunity to fix any car by themselves till they graduate ,,, many marketing student never really involve in any promotion or any practical marketing and you expect them to perform after school.

Get it,h reading is not bad, but should not be the only focus in the university, what about the extra curriculum activities? What about talent hunt? What about business plan or business proposal competition.

Lie #7: School taught us there is Only One Way to Pass.

I remember those days when some of us would go extra mile to read two or more textbooks for a single subject. I could still remember how some of knew that our lecturer didn’t know much about a particular subject, yet we will be afraid of failing the exam if we write different thing from what is her textbook.

I remember one incidence where I wrote what is in my lecturer material and I went further to give her the current trend, proven formula, a step by step answer yet she gave me a “C”.

We learnt that what your lecturer gave you is what you must write back to her… or you face the consequence of your disobedience. Even in some cases she doesn’t mind, if you give her back what she gave you, so long you are not in her white-list you wasting your time.

This habit kill our creativity, thinking, dreams, passion and what have you. This is why we never created anything. We were brain drained and left helpless.

Lie #8: WE were forced to learn.

University education confined us to a one sided learning – the disciplined side, what about the fun aspect, the doing aspect. Everything we learn in school from primary to university is disciplinary learning, where you are forced to learn what your teacher, parent and lecturer want you to learn and not what you want to learn.

Maybe this is the reason Wooden Allen said, “I loathed every day and regret every moment I spent in a school“.  Learning should be a pleasure, school makes it a pain. Who doesn`t really hate school?

Learning should be interest and passion not force. Plato has this to say, “knowledge that is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind“.

Lie #9: We were Lied to that knowledge is Power

We were all told that knowledge is power at worst that university education is the source of knowledge. We later realized that applied knowledge is power. You can know everything in this world but you can only benefit from the knowledge when you applied it.

The problem is that we were not taught how to apply this knowledge while we were in school. The university teaches us how to read and cram but never help us to practicalize what we read.

Most of us graduate without knowledge of how the real world works. We live in illusion until we graduate to face reality. In school we were not taught about what makes the great, great but we were taught about the inventions of the great.

In the university we were given so many courses to cram giving us no time to focus on research and developing ourselves.

Lie #10: We were generally Lied to Waste Our Time

Can you imagine the years it takes to get this thing called certificate. After wasting those meaningful time most people end up in unemployment queue. On average we spend 18-20 years in the classrooms and another 3 – 6 years waiting for results, searching for admission, serving father`s land after school, etc.

How can we justify this waste for millions of unemployed graduates? Really something must have gone wrong somewhere. The elites should stop lying to us and do something about our educational system.

Wait am not saying education is evil, am just saying education should be personal to a man needs and ambition. Education should be made more real than just reading and cramming. Am saying that government should do something about the pool of unemployment caused by her deceit.

Am saying that all of us should look beyond what we study – paid job and pursue our passion and ambition no matter how had and no matter where we are right now.

Am also saying that we also should start learning how to practically develop our potentials and skills by engaging in those things that drive us, and help in liberalizing our dear country. Tell us other lies you were told if you believe in this crusade.


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