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Top Qualities That Distinguish You From Other Graduates

The heart desire of every students is to get a secured and well paid job after their graduation from the university. Hundreds of thousands of graduates are produced out yearly from the NYSC programme, adding to the already existing labour market. All these graduates want a secured jobs, some even cry out for under employed jobs. But where is the job?

You see graduate surfing the internet and every streets in Nigeria for jobs. This incidence was clearly revealed by the last Nigerian Immigration job test held  in Abuja, in which  over 700,000 graduates were jostling for about 4,500 average paying job openings, and the recent Nigeria police force, where over 750,000 people jostle for 10,000 job openings in NPF, are all glaring example of the alarming rate of unemployment in the country.

The question is of all this lack of job in the country, are people not getting job on daily basis after their NYSC service in Nigeria? The truth is that so many graduates still get absorbed into good organizations on  a yearly basis after the NYSC service in less than a year. There are many factors that contribute to this scenario, which this articles tends to address.

I will be listing some the most determinant qualities that give an individual’s edge over other in the labour market based on my experience and research. However, the list is not exhausted, but the major ones are listed below. This details a list of the top 10 qualities that enhance employability in Nigeria, in order of significance. Despite the prevailing adverse employment situation, it’s almost an absolute guarantee a graduate will land a good quality job within a short period if he or she has 7 or 8 of the top 10 qualities mentioned below.

There are host of other determinant such as ethnicity (e.g. oil companies favour host communities in job placements), sex (some company preferred lady reception to male), talent, leadership experience etc. So are you ready to see my ten most ranked qualities in their order of strength?

  • GRADES (cumulative GP): You might say this is not true, but wait first, let analyze it together. Most jobs openings all over the country indicates minimum grade of 2.2 or 2.1, no matter who is involved, some firms cannot employ anyone below 2.1, some even demand for first class graduates. Remember, our focus is on well paid and secured jobs. This not withstanding has led so many student to engage in all kinds of activities in the university to get good grade.
  • AGE: This one is very common for fresh graduates job openings. Many jobs opening today have age restrictions. The younger you are the better your chances of applying for job openings and landing on your dream jobs. As you grow older, the number of jobs you will be eligible to apply for would become lesser. Take for instances of the recent job adverts: Army, EFCC, NPF, Banks and many others. In Fact no bank in Nigeria employ fresh graduates without experience above 30 years.
  • Communication skill: Your ability to express yourself very well both in writing and speaking give you leverage above others. It makes you to sell yourself even beyond your worth. It makes people sees you even higher than what you are, and makes them to regard you. Communication skill is critical to success both in the aptitude test and interview stage of a recruitment Some employers falls in love with you by merely looking at your CV. You might have good grade, and young but still not get job, depending on your ability to sell yourself. I mean your ability to package yourself very well.
  • Course of Study: In the labour market some course of study are demanded more than others. It is demand that gives value to a product. The more the service of the people in your discipline are needed in the labour market, the better your chances of securing good jobs. The truth is that, some courses are more marketable than others. Some courses Medicine, accounting, engineering(chemical, architectural, electrical), economics, etc. are more in demand than others. You can do your analysis and get your facts.
  • Personal Relationships: This particular criteria are mostly interpreted by many as number one determinant of employment in Nigeria. They call different names such as who you know, building contacts, favouritism, connections, pressing buttons, among others. No doubt, many jobs are gotten through networking and personal relationships worldwide, Nigeria inclusive. In Nigeria most jobs are gotten from this flat-form, especially civil servant jobs. Mere recommendation from some Nigerian guarantees your success in any kinds of jobs, whether in private or public sector. However, people has over emphasize this, and fail to understand that people still gets jobs today without knowing any man in private and public sector.
  • Intelligence/ Reasoning Power: Your ability to quickly reason and quantitative reasoning determines the level you scale through in most aptitude test. It is usually tested in the job aptitude exams. This are meant to test your ability of analyzing issues even under pressure and problem solving power. You can have good grade, speak very well and write very well, if you can’t can handle the quantitative aspect of aptitude test, you will fumble.
  • Computer literates: Most jobs opening require basic knowledge of micro soft windows and micro-soft office, especially excels and power points. The corporate world revolves around information technology, information gathering. Most job vacancies are even advertised and applied online. I have seen many graduate who can even boot computer, talk more of operating it, yet no effort to acquire the knowledge.
  • Experience/ Business knowledge: Outside fresh graduate job openings, this one is the major determinant of employability of employee. Most job opening in every sectors are looking for experienced people not novice in their organization. The corporate world is competitive, and employers are looking for individuals that will give them leverage over other competitors. It is therefore advisable for graduates to have basic understanding of business issues such as personnel management, leave, branding, advertisement, finance, investment, labour issues, community issues, inter/intra-personal relationship.
  • Masters / Professional Certification: Your chances increases in getting certain jobs with professional certificate. Some organization states it that having master or professional certificate is an added advantages. Jobs like lecturing, human resources managers, surveyors etcs, are good example of where MSC are often required. However, many still get good jobs without having an extra degree or certification. Most jobs do not require an additional degree. That notwithstanding Msc are not often considered in most job rather experience are more considered.
  • University Attended: Some employers gives more preference to those that schooled outside the country, followed by those that studied in federal university, private university and state university. Without other qualities as earlier mentioned, a federal university graduates will always get better job than state university graduate.

Others may includes: Inter-ship skill, your religion, region or state, sex, leadership skills, talents among others. Have questions or comment drop it below, I will attend to it. See you at your dream job.

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