Steps to Establish Business Center in Nigeria

computer business center
computer business center

One of the most easiest business to start in campus with little or no capital is business center. All you need is either a laptop/desktop, printer and a marketing skill to start with. Yes with these equipment you can start typing people assignment for them, browsing and printing project materials for students.

Other things you may need as your profit grows includes: photocopying and scanning, stapler,  a chair and table. You can start this business with N50,000 or less as a student and advance as you make more profit. You can grow from there into large-scale business center or a computer business center or cybercafé.

The rate of computer usage is rapidly increasing these days. It plays a very important role in the lives of many people. With the use of computers, people can do many things in everyday life. Having understand this basic knowledge, if you still have interest in this business, let consider basis things you must know to succeed in it.

  • Make adequate plan of what you want and hence draw your budget based on your finance and what you want. Decide the amount of capital needed to invest to start the business, can you afford it, if you can’t afford where do you source it from. Preparation and planning will always save you from failing, remember, income might not start flowing immediately but will surely come.
  • Determine your target audience, where you want to set up the business do you have enough demand. What is the level of competition there, and how do you intend to beat the competition in the place. What is your market strategy, to beat the already existing competition. Are you ready to give it all it takes in time of time, of-course at starting the business will need your attention. The business’ location must be easy to find and the area must be accessible to foot traffic.
  • This is a very important aspect especially if you are integrating typing with cyber café. Ensure you maintain a quality Internet connection, this will increase your customer confidence in your ability. Make sure all the computers are working properly. Check all the cables and wiring of the router, modem, and switch to ensure the network connections.
  • As your business is growing try to acquire adequate managerial skills that your business need to thrive very well. Most business fail as a result of lack of knowledge of management and accountability skills. You decide what to spend on and what not to spend on, when to replace worn out equipment.

Basic equipment you may Need

  • Computers(Laptop and Desktop): To start with you might just need one or two desktop or laptop. Then as your business expand you can decide to acquire more laptop.
  • Photocopying Machine: You need at least one photocopying machine, this give quick money than even typing. However a situation where you are financially handicapped, you can leave that for a later day.
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Spiral binding Machine etc.


Computers(Laptop and Desktop) = N30,000 – 70,000

Photocopying Machine:            =  N40,000 – 100, 000

Printer =                                     N15,000 – 40,000

Scanner                                 =  N10, 000 – 20,000

Spiral Binding   =                    N8,000- 15, 000

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