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Top 10 Business to Start With Small Capital in Nigeria

Business to start with small capital in Nigeria as a student are many. I will focus on top ten today. All over the world Nigeria inclusive, formal education is not just seen as an end(essential) but a means to an end(medium of getting money to meet ones needs).

This all importance of formal education has led many to strive to acquire university education at all cost, even when the resources are not there.

So in order to meet some basic needs in the school you need some extra cash, to cope with the ever flowing expenses in majority of our campuses. That is why you need a business even as a student to aid the expenses.

The truth is that there is no job anywhere, on yearly basis NYSC produce tens of thousand fresh graduate into the labor market without job. This is why you must start something now so that by the time you graduate from university you won’t be stranded while waiting for NYSC or even after NYSC.

So are you ready to do business? If yes, let discuss some few profitable business you can do as a student in Nigeria.

Top Ten Business to Start Today

ïï Establish Business Center

Business center is number one in my list of business to start with small capital. And is much easy to start than you think. All you need are laptop/desktop, printer and a marketing skill to start with. Yes with these equipment you can start typing people assignment for them, browsing and printing project materials for students.

Other things you may need as your profit grows includes: photocopying machine, scanning, stapler, a chair and table. You can start this business with N50,000 or less. And you can grow from small into large scale business center or from a computer business center to cybercafé. Continue reading

ïï Organize Tutorial for students

Organizing tutorials or establishing tutorial center  doesn’t require any capital to start. If you are good in calculative courses very well and are academically sound, you have an advantage.

This one is on the list of business to start with small capital because it does not require capital. You can tutor your junior students, just package yourself very well, start with two or more persons.

You can prepare your tutorial in audio record form or e-book of past questions and ask them to subscribe for it.

The good thing about this type business is that it requires no money for its start-up and you can just start with one person and then you expand. You can answer past questions and sell to them. Continue reading

ïï Photography and video coverage

You can buy your own camera and start snapping your friends, colleagues and many others. As a student, your friends and other students can call you to cover events in which you take pictures or video of the event both within and outside campuses.

You can be covering events such as school shows, parties and birth parties, wedding ceremonies, other events and feast while still in college.

This very business does not take your time, and you can start it with little capital. But you must be social for you to have enough patronage.

ïï Start Liquid Detergent Production

One of the best business you can do especially female is liquid soap production. You don’t need big capital to start it, what you need mainly is experience, and small capital and you are good to go. You just need little knowledge of chemistry.

All you need is to apply your knowledge of chemistry, but if you don’t know much about chemistry go out there and learn it. It will take you less than a week to grab it.

At the onset, the liquid soap and bleach you produced should be sold to students and restaurants until you become an expert, register your business to appropriate commission and acquire all necessary production permits to sell to the general public. It is one of the most thriving business in campus.

ïï Researcher/ Project Writing

This is one of the most thriving business anyone can engage in campus. But it call for commitment and extra effort. You can start writing project for your colleagues and your junior student. I started writing for people at my third year, all I needed is to learn it. This like tutorial does not need capital to start except if you want to do it in a big way.

If you have knowledge of research work or you are willing to learn it from the expert, then you can start this type of business.

This business requires expertise but it is highly lucrative. But you can’t do well in it, if you don’t have the technical know-how, you must have writing skills and able to analyzes statistical data. Continue reading

ïï Marketing Business

This very business are often neglected by so many people, the students inclusive. There are opportunity everywhere waiting for people that will take action. Why not approach the big firms or business owners around your campus and collect their product to market to your fellow students.

This way you become their intermediary. You can register with some big businesses within or around your campus, boost their business by introducing their products to other students in your college.

By marketing the products of these firms, you will be paid some commission for your efforts. Sometime, if any student paid for a product online or without taking the goods or product back to school, you will be call to help deliver the product to the student. By the time you know what is happening you become an agent.

ïï Computer engineering/ Web designing

This is one of the most lucrative business any student can engage in, though it require an expertise. If you have knowledge of computer repair or web designing then you stand a better chance to make cool cash while on campus.

if you have flair for fixing things or designing you can enroll with some training tutors get the knowledge and start your own.

If you are also the type of student that enjoys graphic arts, you can start designing and selling of logos, animators, banner for both online and offline. You can start your own computer and website design today.

ïï Open Hair Stylist/ Barbing Saloon

There are ever increasing opportunities for barbers and hair stylists in our campuses everyday. All you need is good packaging and open your mouth and tell people that this is what you are capable of doing. As a student, you can start providing mobile hair cuts or hair styling services to other students.

Buy a clipper and visit/enroll with those that are already into the hair cut and styling business. Stay with them for some period to learn how to cut hair and provide different styling then start providing the service to others.

Now that you don’t have your own shop, negotiate with the owner of the shop, be willing to give the shop owner some commission for every hair you cut, this way he will allow you to remain in the shop. Continue reading

ïï Bead Making As A Student

Bead product are on high demand this days among the rich people in the society and is very easy to make. You don’t need to be an expert to even try beads knitting. Beads making does not require money for starting and making beads is something you can do at your convenient time.

You can be making the beads during your leisure time, that way you are equally utilizing your time appropriately.

Bead making is more appropriate for student especially female students though male students can also be a knitter. Beads making is something you can put into anything. Continue reading

  •  Phone Repair And Accessories

This one is another bomb shell that a student can engage in. It is very lucrative especially if you have knowledge of how to fix mobile sets. If you don’t have a prior knowledge of how to fix phone, all you need to do is to learn how to repair and troubleshoot phones from anybody that you know is competent in this job.

You may not necessary have to learn from somebody, the internet is there and it will teach you more than you need to start up this business. All you needed to do is get information about phone repair from the internet, you can even enroll for the class online from a competent hand.

When you develop expertise in this business people will continue to look for you once their phone got spoil. If you repair and sell accessories you are sure of mind blowing finance during your stay in the university.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Business to Start With Small Capital in Nigeria”

  1. This are great business ideas often neglected by many people. Yet it is business that even students can do yielding good profit. Though the problem is that Nigeria economy is not favourable to small business this days, but we can’t stop trying.

  2. Nice business ideas with good guide. I think every students who want to go into small scale business will find this tips wonderful.

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