Student writing post utme examSuccess is not wish for but is prepared for, all you need to achieve anything in life is secret to that very thing. Until you know the secret of passing JAMB, POST UTME exam you will keep on writing jamb exam until your old age. Post utme and Jamb is very easy to pass without even runs if you know how to handle the exam. Don’t tell me how many tutorial center you have visited, or other things.

The question is are you doing it well? It is not every effort that are resourceful, only effort channel in the right direction that are resourceful with mind blowing result. So if you want to learn how to smash big in your next exam and gain admission finally, then pay attention to this rudiment.

Strategies for scoring high above others

  1. Decide what you want and go for it: Imagine someone who want to gain admission into federal university, take for instance unilag. And he/she score 250 in Jamb and is now preparing for post Jamb and he is aiming for 260. Yet the department he is aspiring to gain admission into cut-off mark is 252. You see that is the problem, you can’t be aiming at 260 score and expect to get anything between 240 above.

The truth is if you want to score 260-270, your aim should be between 340-350. That is too much you say; but that is not true. For you to get a desired result, you must aim for what is higher than the desired result. Take your time and assign definite score to all the subject you will be writing. This will help you to prepare along that direction, it will help you to test yourself with past questions and answer.

Remember you are competing with other strong competitors who are not living any stone unturned. Who told you that you can’t score 350? A Chinese proverb says “The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man who is doing it”.  I have shared this in my post top secret to make first class in the university.

  1. Prepare for the exam: Now that you have decided what you want prepare yourself for the task ahead of you. Your preparation determines your making. Having decided your target score prepare as someone who want to make such grade in the next post utme not like someone who want anything below. Reduce or stop as a whole some time consuming activities this is your future.

If you fail this next exam you alone is to be blamed. Must you attend all the birthday party, reply all the whatsapp messages or facebok charting always. There is time for everything, most of all the post utme exam will come up between June and July so you still have time to prepare.

  1.  Study Past Questions: The truth is that most schools anywhere in Nigeria often engage in repeating past questions. So lay your hand on your desired school past question and practice it even with your friends for a better understanding.

Warning! Don’t be among those people that only focus on past question and leave every other area. Past question is like a guide to know the pattern of the previous questions. If you don’t have any, go now and get one from your school of choice and start practicing it or contact us for one.

  1. Participate in Extra Moral Classes: There are tutorials everywhere, you can join one to meet with other students of like minds and to expand the knowledge available to you. Here you can share your aspiration with other student of like minds.
  2. Be Conscious of Time: On the exam day spend time wisely. Don’t waste time on any question you don’t know rather attend to the ones you knows very well first then come back to it. Post utme exam time like jamb is usually short- so use it well.

If you are answering 100 questions for 1hour, you have to calculate it out. There are 60minutes in 1hour for me to use it and answer 100 questions. That means I have 36seconds to answer 1question. In other word you have less than one minutes to answer a question.

  1. Pray to God for Wisdom: You see success is of the Lord. Because except the Lord watch over the city( give you success) the watchman watch but in vain. So pray to God for success in your exam, for wisdom to know what to do and to do it at the right time. But faith without work is dead.
  2. Arrive at the Exams Venue Early Enough: Arriving the exam venue ahead of time remove pressure from your head and makes you relax and calm. It will also make you to be organized and you will have access to first hand information from the exam schedule officers. If your university of choice is in another state of very far from your location, I will advise that you travel a day before the exams.
  3. Read the Instruction Very Well: This will save you a whole lots of head ache. Don’t try to be over smart, just do what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not told to do. Shade correctly also, if you don’t understand anything instead of assuming call the attention of the schedule officer and clear your doubt.
  4. Shade Every Question: The truth is that you must shade every question on the day of the exam. Shade the ones you know first and then shade the other ones after much brainstorming. Do your best and leave the rest to God Almighty.
  5. Go to the Exam With all the Necessary Documents: For every exams, the basic things includes; Pencils, pen, erasers, razor blades, print outs etc. Although, most schools post utme is now computer base. Stop when you are asked to, take time to cross-check after shading all exams, have faith and there you are in your desired institution.

We can help you with past questions free of charge to prepare for any university post utme, share this with your friends, follow us and your stay in the university will be huge success with us by your side.


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