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Top Secret of Fast Learning From Experts Revealed

Top Secret of Fast Learning From Experts Revealed

There is so much we want to learn with our limited time! I understand. There is this notion, that the more information you have the more success you will likely record. That is the truth, no doubt. But time is not on our side and can’t neither be increased or modified.

So to effectively learn much with your limited time, you must approach learning with strategies that will work for you. I will be sharing in this post top approach to fast learning that have work for others.

“”””” The Secrets””””””’

#Secret 1: Organize Your Study Plan

These has to deal with your personal study plan based on what you actually want to achieve.

Set Targets: Setting target and goals gives you a leverage in your learning habits. How? It makes you organize and approach your study with real focus and enthusiastic. Decides what you want, brainstorm how to go about achieving the goal you set. Plan on the area to cover each day. Though you might adjust it with emergencies but let it be your guide, this will make you more productive.

Decide on Incentives: Research on world fastest learner or learning habit revealed that incentives is a brain booster. Human brain work faster when there is an incentives attach to success. Haven’t you seen people working from hour to hour without rest – simply because of the high incentive attached to the job.

Decide on what you will reward yourself after completing a study session; say after reading a chapter, you could reward yourself with a short walk, 20 minutes game, 30 minutes chart, etc, but don’t be carried away.

Decide on Your Study Style:While in the university, I realize that whenever I cram a subject I end up forgetting it immediately after exam? Your study should be constant no matter how good you are, there is always room to improve. If you don’t study frequently you will end up cramming which is not good to your study life. To avoid ending up cramming start your learning early enough.

You should also decide whether you prefer studying in the night or during the day, different research has been carried by the scientist on best study time, the findings will shock you.

Create a helpful environment. Your environment matters a lot in your learning, decides the best environment you learn fast and suite you most. For most people very quiet place is the ideal. In that case you’ll need a quiet environment that’s dedicated to studying if you want to give your brain the best chance at learning the information.

The truth is having a quiet, distraction-free environment means that you won’t get distracted and can also help your learning, because it triggers your brain into working in a particular way.

Power of Staying Focus at a Time: – Research at Stanford has shown that focusing one single task at a time is far more productive than multi-tasking. Research proves that multi task at a time reduces focus and specialization which is needed for efficiency. Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully.” Stay laser focused.

#Secret 2: Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Study Plan imageDecide on Exercise Routing: Most students sees exercise as a waste of their little available time, but that is pretty wrong. Light exercise makes your brain active for learning. For people who are very physical and active, being forced to stay still for too long can also make it hard to stay focused, so exercising while studying can also be helpful in that way. A study in German on two set of groups, where one group listened after sitting quietly for 30 minutes and the other group listened after riding stationary bikes at a light pace for 30 minutes, revealed that the group that rode the bikes performed better.

Give Yourself a Break and Sleep: Don’t try to cheat nature. If you try to cheat nature, it might end up breaking you. Stop thinking that cramming before an exam all night will help you retain new information. Chronic sleep deprivation can reduce your cognitive abilities, can impact your concentration, and can even reduce your emotional intelligence. When you properly rest, your brain strengthens the knowledge you have learned during the day by assimilating information better.

Studies have actually revealed that while we sleep, the brain is flushed with a fluid that cleans it of toxins. When we don’t get enough sleep, our brains are so overloaded with junk that it becomes difficult for the brain to function correctly. 7-8 hours sleep everyday is ideal for your body to stay active. If you study in the night then ensure you sleep during the day for energy.

Eat Correctly and Timely: It happen to everyone of us, when you’re hungry, your brain will have a really hard time absorbing any information. It’s hard to focus when all your body can tell you is that your stomach is empty. Ensure you eat nutritious meal – eat fruits instead of snacks, heavy food. Study revealed that fruits help our brain to assimilate information better.

Drink Lots of Water For Detoxification: You need water to stay dehydrated and focus, different bodies need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. You could drink at least four liters of water every day. The best way to tell if you’re getting enough water is to look at the color of your urine. If it’s pale or clear, you’re drinking enough. Any darker color means you could use more water.

#Secret 3: Take Advantage of Your Environment

Study time imagesYour environment are everything that affect you from your family, peers, course mate, reading materials, tutors and many others.

Learn in multiple ways: There are a good number of ways  to learn a piece of information, you just have to look for the one that works better for you and utilize it. A study by Judy Willis in 2008 revealed  that “The more regions of the brain that store data about a subject, the more interconnection.

The storage increases your chance of remembrance when the information is needed. You could combine many different methods of learning to make it more effective including Flashcards, Writing exercises, Youtube videos, Audio exercises, and using an App Quora.

Pay Full Concentration in Class:. The best way to learn faster is to make sure that you’re really paying attention when things are explained to you the first time. Try to concentrate even if you have known what they are teaching – there always something new to learn.

You might try to listen to idea that you will have to answer a question immediately about the material you are use. The truth is in every nonsense there is a sense in it. So develop effective strategies towards reading.

Experts Are Made not Inborn:  – The truth is that at the start of every project, there are rooms for error,  failure and many up and downs. But give yourself time and you become an expert. Don’t work yourself up if at initial you aren’t coping with your study with time you will cope.

I remember when I was writing my first project work, I was gravely scared of making mistake but today that fear has disappeared.  The top achievers of our time has one common trait which is persistent until they master the act of doing it right.

Work with your learning style: According to Wikipedia Learning styles are the different ways in which our brains best absorb information. There are many different learning styles and while we all can learn using every learning style, there are usually one or two that work best for an individual. It all about what work for you and what help your learning faster.

For example, if you find that you learn best when you can look at charts and graphs, you might be a visual learner. Try studying by drawing up your own infographics, to help you remember the information more. You can design your point with image.

Some people often remember faster when they see people demonstrate, some better  with sound, then pay attention in class and record your class lectures to listen to before and after you study, or even while you study if the information is very clearly the same.

Get Involve in The Class Room: One way to learn faster is getting involved in the classroom discussion. This will not only help you stay focused, it will also help your brain absorb the information better because it becomes a multi-sensory experience, rather than you just listening to someone talk.  Don’t be carried away with talking over listening, just let it be moderate.

There are lots of ways to participate in your learning experience, from getting active in group work to asking questions during the lecture.  Try to answer questions in the class when the teacher asks. Don’t worry about being wrong: this is a learning experience and being wrong sometimes is a part of the process.

#Secret 4: Take Advantage of Your Materials

Prepare Your Own Study Note: You can re-write your study note to suit your own language an style, this help you to study better beyond what your lecturer or tutor taught. How? When you are preparing your own note, you gather information and materials everywhere thereby enriching your note and brain with information.

Come up with revision techniques and times to do your work that suit your in your lifestyle, make time for studies but don’t force it to interfere with your lifestyle. Revision techniques are a must and you should find ones which suit you. This particular secret help me and my group greatly while in school. I discuss this strategy in detail in secrets of making first class without stress.

Break Your Study into Segments: – It’s hard to sustain that and studies have shown that having regular breaks will actually boost productivity and improve focus. For example, nowadays, I’ll spring really intensely for about 30 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. I’ll usually meditate during that time or drink a green smoothie to relax. When I’m done with that 5-minute break, I usually feel re-energized and ready to crush it again.

Seek Help from Your Teacher and Friends: There’s nothing wrong with getting some help and getting expert advice that’s tailored to your situation. It can seriously help you learn much faster. Put aside your shyness and your pride and ask your teacher for help. If they don’t have time to help you, they should be able to help you at least find a tutor.

If you don’t have money for a tutor, your teacher might be able to set you up with someone in your class who is doing well and can help you out. The more people you engage over a topic the better your knowledge of the topic.

Memorize efficiently fast Learning: Memorizing isn’t always the most foolproof technique, but it can help if you need to learn certain kinds of information very quickly. Memorization works best for lists of things, like what order actions should be done in or vocabulary words. Mind you memorizing isn’t cramming don’t mistake both. Memorizing is constant learning of something till you won’t forget it again.

When memorizing and studying, it’s a good idea to get as comfortable with small sets of information before moving on to new ones. You may feel like this goes slower but it’s actually faster because you won’t need to go back over the information as much. This is especially important when you’re trying to memorize vocabulary, lists, and other similar types of information.

Develop the Habit of Teaching Others: Always teach yourself and close friends what you have learned, that way you learn faster. Remember teaching is not just for experts; it’s actually an excellent studying technique. You can start by explaining a particular concept to your friends and take their question. Ask them what they think and how they understood what you teach them. You might even get a fresh perspective on something!

If this article is helpful don’t forget to share it with others or if you know more point to learning faster please kindly share in the comment box.


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