reason people go to the university

Top reasons people go to the University and College

Is funny to find out the top reasons people go to the university or college. I was interacting with a friend of mine about the reasons people actually go to the university.  His answers were funny but amazing, so I decided to find out for myself reasons people go to college or university. These are my findings.

Reasons people go to college or university

  1. People go to the university because of jobs: From my interview, I discovered that good and secured job is the primary reasons 50% of people go the university. It is funny, but s true. Their reasons are that:
  • University prepares you for good jobs through trainings.
  • Without university education you won’t get a decent job.
  • For you to get a better job, you need to graduate with good grade. Hmmm!
  1. Because their family want them to: About 10% of students actually go to the university because of their parent or guardian. To this people university education is more like a waste of time but what can they do? So they see university as:
  • Something that must be done to be accepted by the family members.
  • Medium to increase the family fortunes and happiness not their own.
  1. Some go to college because of their friends: 15% of graduates actually went to the college because their friends are in college. That is why most students party all their life in college. For this group university is a place:
  • For flexing and partying.
  • For showing your world that you have arrived.
  1. Because someone intimidated them: I discovered also, that some guys are in the university because they have been once intimidated by someone in the university. And as such thought the reason why they were intimidated unnecessary is because of lack of university education.
  2. The needs for socialization and self esteem: This one is common to those from the rural areas. To them what define a great person is going through the wall of the university. It is funny! This people have one or two person from the community which terrorize the whole community because they have gone to the university.
  3. Because they hate farming: Is funny right! That was the main reason my friend went to the university. He discovered that most people from his home town who didn’t go to the university ended up as farmers. So because he hated farming he decided he must go to the university to escape farming.
  4. To seek knowledge that will help them to solve humanity problem: This individuals go the university to broaden their mind, knowledge, and acquire skills that will aid them in solving humanity problem. To them university education will:
  • Broaden your mind to make informed decision over every life issues.
  • Help you to explore for better medium of solving mankind numerous problems.
  • Equip you with the necessary skills and technical knowhow to meet daily demand on mankind.
  • Harness and bring out the potentials in you and position you to benefit your generation.
  • Revealed the numerous problem of mankind and help you understand your roles in these problems.
  • Mold and sharpen your mind to critically access issues and think outside your environment.
  • Help you to become a better you, so they give in their best to see these things materialize.

I called this number six reason the real reason of university education that must be emphasised by the education actors.

Problem faced by the sixth group

  • The education actors threatens them with grade and certificate. Our education system celebrate certificate over real knowledge, so they struggle with knowledge and certificate.
  • The professors threatens them with exam failure. If you are given many junks to read you have to finish it otherwise you fail, depriving them enough time to research.

You may want to read my post on Lie we were told in the university that is causing the numerous problem we face today in our society.

The way forward for university education

  1. Policy educators should go back to the drawing board and redefine the main objective of university education. This way students will be assessed on that ground.
  2. Students should be made compulsory to define their purpose or objective of coming to the university. This should be used as part of admission criteria.
  3. Students should be given freedom to research and explore for new idea in a controlled environment.
  4. University education should be based on 60% practical, on the job training.
  5. Students should be assessed mostly by their ability to solve real time problems. This is the reason most people say mathematics learnt in the university are not used in real life.

Students with great skills and talents should be supported with some financial aid to develop their potentials. This will encourage other students to explore. We have seen situations where people build cars out of nothing and government ignore their effort or just made empty promises.


Dear friends, let all pursue through knowledge, seeking for ways to solve humanity problems. Stay focus no matter the pressure. It doesn’t matter the grade you graduate with from the university. The world is looking for problem solvers not sweet certificates.

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