The free price system where everyone has a price tag.

If you are reading this, you are discovering the price range you fall under.

We are in a world where everyone consciously or subconsciously has his own price system tag. Like commodities we bear our own price. But unlike them we chose to put on our own price tags.

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It becomes clearer when one is kidnapped and a ransom is placed on his head. It’s few people from the world’s population that has a ransom of up to $1 million. Woooooops!!- did I just say that amount? When in the third world economies over 70% of their population leaves under an average income of $1 per day.


It doesn’t just stop there. It gets to a point that when someone is kidnapped the ransom is being bid down to the dearest minimum such that mostly than not bid down over 80% of the initial ransom demanded. This has made the ‘kidnapping business’ practically unfavourable for kidnappers who by force repents overnight.


Is this supposed to scare me? – certainly Not! I would prefer my kidnap value to be over $1 million in the same way you would. Like assets have scrap value so do we but in a case ‘our kidnapping value’.


You may start wondering if a ransom depicts our price. Guess the answer. And you guessed it correctly – the answer is definitely a NO – it’s time I quench the fire burning in your mind.


Wages and salary are both slaves to less than 0.1% of the world’s population but yet not handicapped as it enslaves the remaining – by slave I mean figuratively.


Think of a man that escapes involving in the daily price system. Not even a mad man could dodge away from firm grip of the price system. Where am coming from even a mad man know and understands the value attached to money, though may not understand the ruling market price system.


I learnt, as little as I was at childhood, how to recognise, count and know values attached to money before any other thing called mathematics. To say it was more or less the most important thing to know as a kid.


Certainly what one don’t know at childhood and most adults still don’t is the price attached to the Labour they engage in economic activities. People under salary income only know in a period of time they receive their pay – aka bank alert – this salary is not just a pay you receive for working with a given firm or doing a particular job.


It’s a price attached to all your years of developing skills needed for a particular job, work, field or occupation. That is why entrepreneurs who are tasty for greatness can’t stay and watch the price of their labour being dictated by one man or selected few.


Instead they let the market determine it. If you have spent your lifetime developing your skills & abilities only for an employer to dictate whether you eat in a day or not then you are doomed for poverty.

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Have you taking a close watch at wealthy people around you? One common behaviour about them is the fact that they don’t just only do one thing to make a leaving nor do they engage in everything that gives money at the same time.


They only engage in as much as their capacity can absorb. Yes! the more mobile and dynamic your labour is in whatever you are engaging it the richer you get – you don’t stand in a place and watch a masquerade dance. Anything that will pin you down for a penny should better pay you a golden penny.


Whenever you feel you can’t settle for the little given to you as a price for your labour after all the hard work & perseverance you have undergone – watch out! It’s the entrepreneurship spirit calling and whispering to you.

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Labour isn’t human that takes a particular body shape for a life time. The labour you have to offer can be as many as you can develop them into. One can be a singer, photographer & footballer at the same time and get paid for the labour he devotes to.


Then, you may see it as impossible per say but to the other it’s an opportunity open for him to increase the total price of his labour.

Why does the rich gets richer? Yes! It’s because they take quick grip of opportunities when they see one and when they can’t find around one create it their self.


Whereas the poor gratefully pays them for taking the risk they couldn’t take on their own – we are limited only by the limits we create on our self. Do the maths. If your chances of having a bigger total price paid for your labour depends on the number of economic activities you engage your labour.


Think of how poor a man who engage in one economic activity and is successful compared to the other who is successful by engaging his labour in 6 economic activities.


The market determines the price of your labour whereas you determine the number of labour the market pays for. He that pays the piper dictates the tune – but he never owns the pipe thereafter. So the piper can play for another whenever he is through with the first.

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