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National Open University of Nigeria: Admission Ranking

The National Open University of Nigeria  popularly called NOUN is by far the largest university in Nigeria, by size of courses offered (about 800 courses), number of enrolled students (about 60, 0000 students), number of branches and staff strength. The university is the first federal open distance learning in West Africa. Ever since its establishment the university has grown to the ranking of top 50 university in Nigeria.

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National open university of Nigeria was originally established to meet the educational needs of those advanced in age. It was also designed to meet the educational needs of those who are currently working and will not be able to run full time program in the Nigeria universities.

The process of securing admission in the university is very easy and simple. This simplicity nature of NOUN made it number one choice of university for postgraduate programmes among the Nigerian working class.

Brief Overview of National Open University of Nigeria

NOUN as is popularly called was first established on 22nd of July, 1983 as springboard for open and distance learning in Nigeria. The aim was to meet the educational needs of the populace by taking university education to people’s home.

The institution was later suspended on 25th of August, 1984 barely a year later. But was finally resuscitated by the formal President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo on 12th of April 2001. The university first students enrolment was about 32, 000 students.

The university head quarter is located at Victoria Island, in front of Bonny military cantonment, Lagos State. The university has all its study centres scattered across the country.  And the lecture does not come inform of class room lecture except few study centres.

The institution over 800 courses are all accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and cut across all discipline. Notable Nigerians has also gone through the university including former president Olusegun Obasanjo among others.

Unlike other federal universities like Unilag, UI, UNN among others. NOUN has various school of studies instead of Faculties.

The various schools of studies in NOUN may include:

  1. School of Science and Technology

Under the school of science and technology, we have Postgraduate and undergraduate Programmes. For Postgraduate Programmes:

  • Digital Communication
  • Mobile Communication Technology

Undergraduate Programs

  • Mathematics
  • Computer and Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Data Management
  • Agricultural Extension and Management
  • Physics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Nursing Science
  • Communication Technology and others.
  1. School of Health Science: For both postgraduate and undergraduates students.
  • Nursing
  • Public Health.
  1. School of Arts and Social Sciences: For both postgraduate and undergraduates students.
  • Economics, Mass Communication, English Language, Political Science, Criminology and security studies, Peace and conflict resolution, and French and International Studies.


  1. School of Education

The following are offered under Undergraduate programmes:

  • Education in Agriculture Science, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science, Biology, Integrated science, Mathematics, Business education, primary education, English, French and others.

For Postgraduate Programmes

  • Admin and Planning
  • Science Education
  • Education and technology
  1. School of Management Sciences

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Financial Management
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Public sector Management

Undergraduate Courses

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Management, Accounting in collaboration with ICAN

Other programmes offered by the university may includes

Diplomas in Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, and Marketing.

National Open university of Nigeria iLearn Platform

Like I said earlier, the main objectives of NOUN is to make education accessible to all Nigerian and beyond irrespective of their social status, and affiliation. To achieve this, the university developed a portal called iLearn to make communication easier between the instructors and the students.

The iLearn platform is one of the largest community of education in Africa. The platform among others enable:

  • The tutors or facilitators to have an interaction with the students, replacing the normal classroom setting in the campus.
  • Students to ask questions in any area of their course materials difficult for them to assimilate, and get answer immediately.
  • It is a community of students across various region of the country, increasing collaboration among students.
  • Like the Open Yale Online Learning centre, NOUN iLearn provides opportunity for students to have wide variety of videos, ebook, PDF, and other useful resources free.
  • The platform makes learning more fun, practical with great number of self-study tools available online.

NOUN E-library

The university has an e-library at its  headquarters situated in Victoria Island, Lagos State. Every valid student of the institution has access to the library on providing valid ID card.


As a continuation of the iLearn platform and the e-library module. The university also provides an  e-Courseware for students to download varieties of educational materials at no cost.

Radio station

NOUN has also taken a bold step like other federal university in Nigeria to establish a radio station broadcasts at the frequency of 105.9 NOUN FM.  It was a medium to provide practical knowledge to her mass communication students.

NOUN does not go on Strike

Another great feature NOUN is that the Act of Parliament that establish the university does not recognizes any form of union either from the students or the academic staff. Because of this policy the university has been freed from one of the greatest problem facing Nigeria education.

ASUU is among the strongest union body in Nigeria. The Union has pushed its demand on government severally, going on strike for more than 7 months. This strike often delay students graduation leading to a lag of more than one year in most cases.

But NOUN has never witnessed one single form of strike since its inception.


The university has also made some effort to ensure that its graduate with age less than 30 go for service. That automatically made the university for number one choice of students seeking for admission. Remember, the university is among the university that admit students without JAMB.

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The university has not made a general pronouncement about scholarship. But has in recent times offered scholarship to some popular Nollywood Actress and Actors. Some of the actress and actors who have enjoyed scholarship from the university include:

Ini Edo, Desmond Eliot, Chioma Chukwuka- Akpotha, Francis Duru, Sani Danja, among others.

How NOUN Examination is conducted

The university is the first federal university to administer examination through computer Based-Test (CBT). The university uses this medium to administer examination to its first and second year students.  This is however with the exemption of Law students who participate on pen on paper examination from day one.

Other undergraduates also participate in the CBT system of examination in their first and second years and commence the POP examinations from their third year till the end of their respective course durations. The postgraduate students also write their examination through the Pen on paper examination system.

The CBT system of examination has however been criticised by some of the students. The reason is because the exam answer are already programmed through the university online materials. This method according to students hinders their own initiatives and understanding.

On Students Assignment

The university like every other Nigeria university award 30% to continues assessment assignment. Every students are expected to participate in the assessment as criteria to sit for the final examination. The final examination account for the remaining 70% marks.

NOUN Study Centres and Their Office Address in Nigeria

These is a comprehensive list of NOUN study centre’s all over the country. Some states in Nigeria have more than one study Centres.

Some centres in Nigeria only take lecture but moves to other nearby centres to take their examination due to lack of resources or facility.

However, the study materials are readily available to all students regardless of their study centres so long they have access to the internet. That is one problem the school has try as much as possible to solve. Click the link to have access to wide variety of the study centre of National open university of Nigeria

How to gain admission into National Open university of Nigeria

To gain admission into NOUN is very easy. All you need do is to follow this basic steps highlighted below.

  • Get your WAEC result ready or any of its equivalent. The university does not use JAMB as criteria to gain admission.
  • Check through this post where the courses offered by the university are highlighted. Is your course of choice there? If it is there, great! Let proceed.
  • Access the university portal or go to the nearest centre’s close to you and purchase your form. You really don’t have much to do after this time.
  • Another thing to consider is your age bracket. I don’t know for sure, but NOUN does not accept candidates less than 17 years. They encourage young teenagers to pass through regular campus system university.
  • Ensure you indicates all your job experiences in your application form. This will increase your chances of getting admission in NOUN.

A reminder, the following are the programmes offered in National Open University of Nigeria.

* Certificate Courses
* Diploma Certificates
* Undergraduate (B.Sc, BA and others)
* Post Graduate Diploma,
* Masters Degree, and
* Doctor of Philosophy

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Please, if you know any other necessary fact about NOUN that you think we omit here or any correction please, indicate it in the comment box and I will add it immediately.

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