How to Make Money From Bead Making For Students

BeadsOne of the most lucrative business to start with very low capital (as low as N500) as a student with no experience is bead making. Though is quite competitive now. With excellent creativity, commitment and small capital you can always stand out from other competitors.

Bead product are on high demand this days among the rich people in the societies and is very easy to make. You don’t need to be expert to even try beads knitting. Making beads is something you can do at your convenient time. You can be making the beads during your leisure time, that way you are equally utilizing your time appropriately.

I have heard story of student who started bead making business as low as N1000 but have grown the business over time to a significant height. To start bead making in today’s internet-based world, you really don’t need any formal training to start making beautiful pieces of bead jewelry. There are hundreds of resources online that can get you started in this venture in less than 30 minutes.

Basic Thing To Consider When Starting

Determine area of specialty: Do you want to work with leather, clay or glass. Select the aspect to focus on first, knowing that you can always try something else later. The truth is that, the skills may even build on each other and you’ll have an easier time learning a new technique because of what you can already do.

Basic Skills: You need to acquire some basic knowledge, though you might not have the full knowledge of the work, but the one you need to start. Enroll for training, both online and offline, ask people already in the business.

Plan for your demand and supply: One mistake that most people make in business is that they just badge in it, without adequate assessment of the potential of demand for their product. Don’t join them! Look for market before you start, establish constant supply. Don’t rush business, if you rush into it, you rush out of it.

Decide on Location: Ask yourself whether you want to do it via mobile vendor or want to secure a particular location. This decision depend on your capital and your decision. There’s nothing more frustrating for a crafter (or their family!) than having random supplies strewn everywhere.

Bead making is not like organizing tutorial lesson or writing research/ project for students If you can’t find what you need, you waste precious time that you could use for creating. Choose a room of the house or at least a certain table, desk, drawer, etc. that you can devote just to your hobby.

Medium of Marketing: No business strive without adequate marketing of the product. A closed mouth is a closed destiny – no matter how cool your work is, if you don’t tell people about it they won’t know about it. You can market it by one-on-one meeting with the consumers. You can even open a blog on bead making where you advise your product.

Basic Equipment you Might Need

  • Bead Design Board (to help you make the job much easier)
  • Metal strings (for connecting the beads)
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Clasps
  • Different Types of Beads.
  • Space (Room or Shop)

Basically, if you follow this information here strictly, soonest you can start your own business with huge success. Need assistance, or got question inbox us, you can even comment below, I will reply you. You can also follow us on twitter and Facebook for updates on Small scale business.



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  1. Great job on this one. Bead making business can be a very good way of making a living in Nigeria.

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