Has MMM Nigeria Collapsed? Expert Analysis

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Has MMM Nigeria collapse is the most frequent questioned asked by most Nigerian who are members of the community or those who want to join MMM Nigeria. Well, I understand the fear! Nobody want to lose a dine not even in this type of economy we have.

This an update of my previous post on when Will MMM Nigeria collapse? But come to think of it, do you really think anyone will tell you exactly when MMM Nigeria will collapse?

Are you praying for MMM Nigeria to collapse, after the scheme has put smiles on the face of many Nigerian.

My recent finding reveals that over 50% of NYSC serving corps member have joined the scheme. 50% of unemployed graduates who have heard of MMM has also joined the scheme.

I was in bus on listening to people discussing about MMM Nigeria, and one of the guy said, that whoever see Mavrodi should appreciate the guy for saving him from financial stress. Enough of my story.

Let start by what is MMM? MMM means  Mavrodi Mondial Movement or you call it money making machine.

How does it work?

The scheme simply bring people of same like mind to help each other in solving their financial needs. So once you register in the platform, you will indicate how much help you can provide to others in financial terms.

You will then be matched with  another community member who need help and have provided help before or within two weeks.  You will be given the person details to pay in the amount you promised to help, after providing the help you will then be eligible to receive help usually after 14 working days.

Having provided help to others, you can request for help of 130% of your initial deposit with extra allowance that you will gain from it. For instance, If you provide help of 100k, you eligible to receive help of 130k plus $20, $50, and $100 depending on the amount you provide. Remember, you can only get the full 30% increase if your request lasted up till full mouth.

If you are willing to join the system follow this link and join now. MMM Nigeria official website. Wait to read the risk involved.

Implication of MMM to the Individuals

Implicitly, many Nigerian life has changed for good through the platform of MMM Nigeria. There are many witnesses to this. People have made thousands of naira from the scheme. The people that made money from the platform are now spreading the Good news and is fast spreading like wired fire.

I have met guys that invested their school fees in MMM Nigeria, have equally seen people who claim they bought brand new car from money made from MMM Nigeria.

The implication on individuals is a two way things; most people will forever remain greatful to MMM Nigeria for changing their financial life. However, if MMM Nigeria collapse most Nigerian who joined newly then will lament.

Another implication is that most Nigeria will be more relaxed even when there is no job, some will no longer pray for job after all how much will they pay you on paid employment compared to what you can make in MMM Nigeria.

Implication of MMM Nigeria on Nigeria economy

Nigeria is currently experiencing serious  economic economic recession, with massive job losses from left to right. The country is experiencing hyperinflation – where inflation and unemployment are increasing simultaneously. The price of goods are intimidating, yet there is no money to make purchases.

Companies both large, medium, and small are folding leading to job losses in banking and in related industry. The ability of the economy to absorb the mass unemployed graduate is challenged by the, low or no industry, low skills levels amongst the unemployed, which creates a perfect storm in an economy with a skill deficiency in critical sectors.

The government has made some good and hazardous economic policies in their quest to solve majority of the problem faced in Nigeria. The causes of the current Nigeria predicament has been attributed to many factors. Refer to my post on Causes and solution of economic recession in Nigeria.

Nigeria economy is very bad. The implication of MMM on Nigeria economy is that funds in the household will all be channeled to the community mostly making the resources unproductive. Most people will no longer engage in any productive activities and relying only on MMM.

Trust many Nigerians, most people will eventually die the idea of doing any other business.  So long they make money from MMM without working. Sorry! I have not answer your question.

However, the community has reduce pressure on the government from unemployment youth. People no long rant in social media but rather devote their time to convince other people to join the community.

When will MMM Nigeria Collapse?

Don’t be deceived MMM Nigeria can collapse and may not collapse depending on the behaviour of Nigerians. Yes! It has collapsed in some places according to ( wikipediaMMM), when the existing members will exceed the new entrants or when .the existing members out of fear of any kind stop injecting funds into the system. Though the system has been rebranded to accomodate the cause of the initial failures.

Like every other investment, MMM Nigeria can only collapse when people loss confidence on it and people stop joining the scheme.

Expectation Behaviour of consumers

In economics we learned that expectation of price rise leads to hoarding which eventually leads to rise in the price. The same apply here, the threat by the federal government, national assembly and the feeling that MMM Nigeria will collapse, surely will leads to its collapse., if the participants give in to the pressure.

Just like what happened recently in the system, if participant gives in to the pressure it might become tough for MMM to sustain beyond now.

Will MMM be banned by the Government

I don’t know much about the law, but I must confess that the MMM guys are smart enough by calling the programme donation. So the government have no legal ground to banned it since they are like an NGO with the mindset of connecting people together to help each others. I stand to be corrected please- law students.

Like someone said, MMM site is not hosted by Nigeria website hosting company, so for the government to bring down the site is near impossible as it must follow series of legal platforms. The government might however, treating some guiders who host seminars and promoting the community. This way the awareness might equally reduced.

Recently the national assembly  set up a committe to investigate MMM and get back with reports, reports also has it that, they equally ask the EFCC, CBN, NIDC, to shut MMM Nigeria down but the group reported that their hands are tied as they have no charge against the participants of MMM Nigeria.

I don’t know for sure when MMM Nigeria will collapse, maybe now or never.

My advice, as indicated in the website, don’t donate any money that will pain you too much if you lose it tomorrow. That is the secret.

Hey invest from your extra and not your all in all. Hey! Drop your comment.

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10 thoughts on “Has MMM Nigeria Collapsed? Expert Analysis”

  1. This post is indeed very objective and have been a great guide. Thank you sir for taking your time to research on this so called MMM

  2. MMM Nigeria is not going to collapse so long you guys come and join in the scheme. It is a community of mutual help, so do you provide help to people and expect return? So even if it stop existing tomorrow no problem. Long Live MMM, and long live Nigeria

  3. Of a truth, it is not easy to predict the collapse of such Ponzi Scheme as Mavrodian Mondial Movement/Moneybox (MMM). The scheme itself is often referred to an experiment whenever it is introduced in a new environment. The Nigerian experiment seems to have been favourable, but its sustainability is quite unpredictable. Due to different economic variables, forces and factors that affect any such system we may only speculate with no certain conclusion. The laws of diminishing returns and diminishing marginal utility in my mind considering the fact that as a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme, the referrals and bonuses are paid from new entrants. That will definitely create an ever widening imbalance and the graph may seem to be increasing proportionally, until the seeming insignificant drops will result in a decline. This decline can be due to counter actions from the Government, Commercial and Financial bodies, panicking, reduction of referrals and bonuses by MMM platform, and the resultant drop in people interest in paying in money (giving help). My advise is that participants should not allow greet to make them to use all their livelihood at the mercy of MMM. We should not forget that there is dignity in labour, and the money invested from real businesses are secure and safer.

  4. My name is Blossom, I am an ordinary Participant of MMM. On the 25th of September 2016 i provided help of N2,100,000 and on the 4th day of October 2016 i provided help of N1,000,000 and 20th of October 2016 i got help of N3, 834,000 including referal bonus I am so happy
    happy. able to find a good source kind contact Mr john on 08116241254 or email oliverjohn2017@gmail.com.

  5. At times I laugh when people say Gove will shut down MMM as if mmm is one shop at Ebutte-Meta, Oyingbo or Alaba market, as if MMM is one company at Agbara industrial estate. Nigeria is just a fraction. Also it is possible for only you in your country to be the only one doing mmm. That is why we have the Bitcoin which connect you to global bank and every other people in other part of the world doing mmm. If u think u don’t want to continue with mmm bcos of what u heard, I beg park well, and let people that dare big things take the center stage of the new financial revolution that bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

    The battle of life maybe for everyone, but those that conquer their fears and dare big things are called achievers. In conclusion, always remember this, with or without you, mmm will achieve it’s goal which is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, why don’t you face your fears today, JOIN MMM…mmm is changing Lives. Thank You.

    I wish we as participants know why the so called establishment (govt and financial, media bodies) fight us we will be more determined to continue our participation. They want to keep the masses poor and MMM have said that will not happen now they want to fight it.

    Remember this people fighting MMM are the board of directors who consume our money. They can decides to charge every account, 100 naira and call it anything, and they will make whole lots of money from us.

  6. wow! This MMM really rock, I think is time I really join in the trend with this testimonies. I know it will not fail during my own time by God grace.

    When sometimes in the past years, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka in his adoration ground placed just an ordinary cause on Union Bank of Nigeria saying that the bank would fold up if care was not taken, owing to little financial issues he had with them, most Nigerians were thrown into panic as everyone picked race with Union bank offices as their immediate destinations. Now pause for a moment and ask yourself what would have been the fate of Union bank at that moment had they not done the needful-yielding to the desire of the man of God. The answer is simple, they would have ran out of fund to meet up with depositors demand and that is exactly what will happen to any and every commercial bank when all or almost all of their customers come asking for all of their deposits at the same time. The reason is simple, banks operate on a simple principle known as ‘transformation of maturity’- so I was taught. For more details on this principle, consult your text books.
    Back to the point that brought me here, the media has since this morning been awash with exaggerated news on how the popular Ponzi network tagged MMM has crashed in Nigeria. I have not in the past made any post or comment to this effect reasons best known by me but I think that in this period of challenge, it is expedient for me to identify with this scheme that have put smiles on the faces of several risk loving Nigerians especially at this critical moment of economic disappointment. One thing is sure. MMM operates on this same principle of transformation of maturity and its continued survival depends most prominently on the basis that when some people are making withdrawals (getting help) others are depositing (providing help). The moment every one out of whatever inducement (call it fear, panic or expectation that that things will not go well in the system) begins to make demand at once while only very few are providing help, demand will outstrip supply and there will be too much pressure on the community which may, if care is not taken or if the management do not intervene, lead to the collapse of the system. This is the case of Nigeria. The negative expectation that the system may not survive this yuletide period created so much demand pressure on the community with almost everyone trying to empty their MMM accounts between December 13th and 20th 2016 and await January 2017. The simple question is, since we are not ready to leave our money in the system, are we expecting ghosts to keep the system going for us. What MMM management did is the best they can do given the present dispensation.
    The good news is that we still have a choice; to make or to mar the system, to continue to smile to the banks or give haters of the Mavrodians the opportunity to have a field day laughing at us. As I write this comment, the system is very active. Everyone who has been matched to get paid prior to the freezing of mavros early this morning is still receiving their alerts, in fact two of my referrals just get paid to the tunes of 90000NGN and 75000NGN today by dedicated, committed and loyal members of the community in spite of the media’s uniformed exaggeration of the decision of the management. It is unfortunate that most members of the community do not understand the guiding principle behind the system not to talk of how the system works and that is why most people would very easily fall prey to the uninformed, unscrutinised and unprofessional analysis of MMM by both haters of the system, religious fanatics and even government agents.
    In summary, I don’t intend to give anyone whose money is struck in the system any hope or guarantee on their money but I want to let every member of the community know that as it stands now, we still have a very large choice in the determination of the fate of MMM. We can choose to remain calm and resolute by paying less attention to comments or posts from detractors while the system stabilizes or we can queue at the back of our haters and help them propagate the fallacious and erroneous rumor that MMM Nigeria has crashed. #I made this post because am a member # Cannot belong to what am not proud of # PROUDLY A MAVRODIAN

  8. Well I really have nothing more to add to this post since so many experts has aired their view. I believe if you have questions the comments should have clear your mind more. Remain blessed.

  9. To all MMM members who contributed above 150,000 naira, and now find it difficult to get help should please call MMM help center with the following number 08158826526 for a new method to withdraw there money. thanks for your understanding.

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