10 Top Secrets of Mastering and Solving Any Maths Problem

how to study math
how to study math

Mathematics as easy as it is has remain one of the most challenging subject to many student over the years. I can’t help but wonder when student complain that math is hard. The truth is that math is not hard if you understand how to learn mathematics.

Two reasons why math look like mystery to you could either be that your teacher is not teaching you well or you are not approaching math with an understanding. That is fact! So if you want to improve on your math, am here to show you the secret. Mind you, it is applied knowledge that is power.


Strategies For Mastering and Solving math

  1. Understand that Math is easy

Wipe away that ideology that math is hard from your head. You must have heard the saying that, “What you believe is what you see”. Let me share my story with you. When I was in secondary school, I find it difficult to cope with math because my tutor then was not proficient in it. So I made a general conclusion that math is very hard. This trend continued till the last session in my secondary school.

I gave up on studying any math related course in the university because of my notion about math. Thank God for my elder brother who talked me into believing that math was simple and I can master it. After rolling for private tutorial, I realize that of a truth math is simple with the right teacher and techniques. Today same me make cool cash teaching people math. What an irony!

  1. Don’t Miss Math Class: Basically math is like series of event that once you miss one step you can’t get the next step. Until you master the techniques of math, stop thinking you can always read it and understand it on your own like every other subject. Math is symbolic in nature, so if you miss class or tutorial you won’t understand what the symbol represent.

While you can get away with skipping class in some subjects, math is like a ladder. If a link is missing, or if you don’t get a good understanding of it, you’ll struggle to reach the next link. Student ask lots of question in math class, so if you miss the class then you will surely miss those explanations.

  1. Good Math Teacher: Even the worst brain open up with good math teacher. An individual can know math but might lack the skill to impact it. So if your math teacher is not helping your learning much get a private tutor that is sound. Good explanation of math problem procedure makes most students to develop interest in math.

When I teach people math, I often hear them say, ” I wish every math teacher is like you”. Every math teacher can’t be the same but surely you need a good math teacher; someone that is patient with you and equally want to help you learn over time.

  1. Give the Math Problem Attention and Time: Math is not learnt over night. If you are still struggling with math, allot more time to it than the other subject. Kill the habit of skipping from the ones topic that you have not master to another. Hey! there is no short-cut in math, if you short-cut it now; sooner or later it will backfire.

All math courses are taught in a specific sequence because every topic builds on the previous topic. If you are having a problem with a topic, continue working with that one until you understand it and can work problems on it successfully. If you don’t know what is minus times minus and you leave it, how can you then solve quadratic equation.

Solve many problems with answer as much as possible to gain more knowledge of the topic. Consistency is the secret. Don’t rush the topic, where are you rushing to? Slow and steady win the race of life.

  1. Always do your Home Work/Assignment: See assignment as opportunity to demonstrate what you have learnt. Homework may seem like torture, but it’s really designed to help you learn. The key to learning math is repetition: the more problem you solve the better your understanding of the subject. Remember that most test and exam questions are often based on the homework assignments.
  1. Math need Concentration and Quiet Environment: You don’t need any form of distraction when solving math problem, because any misuse of negative sign will wreck havoc on your answer. If you had a quiet place without much background noise, you will focus much better.

Math is a serious business that really need your attention, I really don’t support the idea of listening to music while studying, it is much better if you don’t. Try to find a quiet spot in your home or in the Library to get your schoolwork done and you will get your work done much more quickly because you’ll be able to focus and absorb more.

  1. Teach your friends what you have learned: Teaching others expose you to learn more about the subject you are teaching. Those who can teach others have a true grasp of the material. Many times when studying in groups there will be one member of the group who is behind and doesn’t “get it”. Try to help someone, even if your own work will take longer.

You cannot boast that you have learnt a topic until you are able to teach other people successfully. So look for someone and teach him/her the topic you just learnt. This is one secret of making good grade in school.

  1. Pay Attention your hand writing: The neatness of your writing matters a lot not just in math but in other subject. But it is very paramount in math as a little mistake in minus sign can jeopardize all your effort. Sure you can be good in math, but you need to relax a little while solving math, don’t be in a haste to arrive at your answer.

I advice students to work problems horizontally, because it may not look logical and easy for your tutor to follow your work. Rather solve problems vertically, with one step on every line. It may take more paper, but you will be able to follow your steps much more easily.

  1. Participate and Ask Question in Class: Don’t overlook the power of class discussion it stick in your head faster than private study. That is true! If you participate in class by asking questions where necessary, you will surely learn faster especially when you revise those things you were thought when you get home.

Once you get confused in any step go ahead and ask your teacher, tutor, professor or even other students may be able to help. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, and if you think it’s embarrassing to ask a question, then it must be comfortable to have capital letter “F” on the exam.

  1. Be Happy: Math can be very discouraging when you have tried first, second or even third time without getting the right answer. But the good news is that you are not the first person this is happening to. It happen to all of us at one time or the other even to that your professor you see as God in math. The truth is that we gather more experience and skills in math the more problems we solve, so don’t despise your little beginning. When you make any mistake correct yourself but when you get it right celebrate yourself. Start seeing yourself as math guru even if you are still crawling.

Above all study the tips to effective study it will help you and take advantage of night study especially when you don’t have enough time during the day. Have question or comment drop it down below. Kindly follow us in twitter, facebook and share with your friends.


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