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Make Money From Project Writing As a Student in Nigeria

Make money from project writing is what this article tends to adress. Though research work is not as easy as you think, of course, if it is easy no one will come for your help. In order word it calls for serious commitment and effort to convince people that you will deliver. That is why project/research writing

In order word it calls for serious commitment and effort to convince people that you will deliver. That is why project/research writing often preserve for expert in the field of study. However, if you are good and fast learner why not.

Research writing is very lucrative, and you can start your service with no capital.  You can start writing projects or seminar works for your colleagues and your junior student. I started writing for people at my third year in the university.

What did I do? I knew I need extra income then, and also discovered that most student in my department struggle with their research work. So I got close to some lecturers and researcher’s then, ask them some questions, opt to help them and that is how I got some basic knowledge more than my senior colleagues.

Haven gotten some basic knowledge, I decided to approach some of my colleagues writing project, I offer them some help. And the few ones I helped found favour from their supervisor. So as other people are meeting them for assistance, they were directing them to me.

Little by little, I started charging for my work and they freely pay. By the time am in my final year, I was making close to N80,000 in a month from research/project writing. As an undergraduate, I was helping people with their MSC. project work.

This like organizing tutorial for students does not need capital to start except if you want to do it in a big way. If you have knowledge of research work or you are willing to learn it from the expert, then you can start this type of business. To be successful in project writing, you need good writing skills, statistical analysis skills, but all this can be acquired with little commitment on your part.

Basic Things You Need to Start

  • Organizing Skills: You can’t be a good researcher if you are not organized. Because research writing involves getting a whole lot of materials and extracting the information needed in them and compiling same logically to affirm or dis-affirm an assertion about a phenomenon.
  • Writing Skills: For you to be able to research effectively and present your finding logically, you must be a good writer. You should be able to express your thought in a logical way; linking one fact to another. What makes a project unique is your ability to bring out the weakness and strength of other researchers work and make necessary improvement on their findings.
  • Reading Skills: If you are the type that don’t love reading or any work that you will sit in a place for long, then this is not for you. Because to really, extract information from other people work, you must be able to read all their work. Point out there methodology, mistakes in their finding and many others and this require serious reading.
  • You need a desktop/laptop or Good mobile phone with internet connection: Let tell ourselves the truth, everything you want to write on is in the internet. Though the work might not be exactly what you want, but with little browsing skills you can source all the materials you need. If are serious about make money from project writing then consider getting one.
  • Marketing Skills: Yes! You must decide on the best way to market your service. You can’t just sit in your room or office and expect people to come with speed. If you can’t print flyers, cards, open your mouth and tell people what you are capable of, help people a times for free if need be until you gather momentum.
  • Attend and Organize Seminars: You must get yourself equipped with trends in the world of research in order to keep being relevant. Organize seminars on project writing for students sometimes with little token. This way you will soon start to make money from project writing.

Have more question to be addressed am here for you inbox me or you need my assistance in your project work. We have team of expert that specializes in different fields to study: Social Sciences, Management sciences, education, etc. to handle your project work.


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