Top Secrets of Being the Best in your Department

Image of best students
Image of best students

The truth is that almost everyone of us  want to be the best student in our different institution. Although, some have already concluded that they can never be the best. It is their choice, we live in a free world where you choose what you want. But if you really want to be the best in your course of study I will show you how.

There are number of articles on the best skills or tactics of studying  following the traditional patterns like create a study time, take note and review it frequently, get plenty of sleep among others. Yea this steps among others are good but a times it only succeed in getting you good grade but can’t help you to scale above others. Let me quickly share with you the uncommon approach to beat all your fellow students in school.

Strategies for Effective Study Success

  1. Set a definite goals and objective: The first step to effective study with result is a clear set down goal. When you set goals for your course of study it become an energizer and motivating factor to keep you going even when you are weak.

Most student don’t even bordered to look for means to improve their learning skills because they don’t have a clear set goals. Ask yourself this simple question- what grade do I really want from school? Ponder and reflect on the question, write down the answer you receive from the question and work with it.

Set an achievable goals for your whole life in the university, then break it down to each semester. Decide in your mind that you will make “A”s in all your exams with minimum of two “B”s in each semester. Write it down and paste it on the wall where you have your study. You must be seen the picture every day until it becomes part of you.

2. Choose appropriate Material combinations

From the onset decide the combination of the materials you want use. Choose materials that will give you the maximum benefit. Acquiring many materials may not be the real solution but having quality materials.

The approach is for you to collate your own materials( text books, handout, seminal work, journals, Google etc.) that will give you the adequate and in-depth understanding of the subject in question.

By doing this you can ensure that your study material doesn’t remain static, but continuously improves. If you find something new or interesting that’s related to the topic, then add it in.

This will help you to deepen your understanding of the issue as you’ll have examined multiple points of view. Having gather these materials, form your own note from these materials which form your own opinion on the subject – something that will be lacking in most of your peers.

3. Know that life is not competition but fulfillment

Success is not measured how many people you beat in a race but the achievement of a set goals. That is exactly I told you to set goals of what you want to achieve before launching your study. If you have done that after now please take your time and set it.

Comparing yourself with your friends may leads to envy, jealous and unhealthy rivals. It often leads you to hiding your ignorance from your friends leading to failure in the exam. Most top students do not pay attention to what the next person is doing because they’re focused on their own needs and goals.

Aside from that, comparing yourself to others only puts undue pressure you and restrains both levels of motivation and creativity. So don’t get bogged down in competition by trying to emulate someone else rather be creative and develop what work for you.

4. Learn to use your emotional intelligence

This is one critical factor that every student must learn and master to have good success. Emotional intelligence is the key. Emotional intelligence entails your cognitive ability to stay motivated and cope with stressful situations.

In many cases, what really distinguishes the most outstanding students isn’t their academic intelligence but their emotional intelligence.

In fact, research by Stanford University found that students’ emotional quotient (EQ) is actually a better predictor of success that their intelligence quotient (IQ). In order word, how you perform over time basically comes down to whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Those with a fixed mindset fixate on problems and feel overwhelmed, while those with a growth mindset embrace challenges and treat them as a chance to learn something new.

The best approach to build a growth mindset is to meet your learning needs head on. Try not look at studying as merely being part of exam preparation as this puts the emphasis on being examined instead of instead acquiring knowledge.

An individual who is more concerned about passing exam than mastering the subject often result to cramming, thereby distorting your understanding of a topic and your ability to recall information about it later. So read to have an in depth knowledge not just to pass exam and you see yourself beating others in the long run.

5. Test your rate of assimilation from time to time

It baffles me why so many student keep on reading from the beginning of a semester to the end without one day sitting down to access themselves. As you are reading test yourself on the subject as often as possible.  Most students test themselves like this when it is too late and exams are already steadily approaching.

From time to time often test yourself with past question and engage in class discussion with your reading group or friends.  If you can make a habit of this and incorporate it into your study routine then you’ll have a much clearer idea of how you’re progressing and any areas you might need to brush up in.

This very habit will help you retain information for long time, it will also reduce your stress levels and prepare you for exam in the school environment.

6. Have a study group

Although, setting apart your study time and goals is very essential, study can also be a collaborative process. You can always consciously make your own reading/studying group to expand your horizon. Feel free to engage them in questions and listing to the answers and determine if it is night study or day.

Be objective while making your study group and let it reflect your goals and aspiration, approach the group with an open mind to learn.

7. Be smart not shortcuts

When studying especially for exam understand that is not every textbook that requires your attention. Try to predict the examiner question by assuming yourself to be the examiner. Scrutinize and practice every possible question, ask yourself the best approach to each of the questions.

Stop relying on anybody for solutions to any problem, always see yourself as the only person in the world. Hence figure out how to solve every problem that you might likely meet in the exam hall. In the long run, it is much more important to get results through effort and dedication.

Now that you have known the truth, why not share this article with others to learn from. Remember you get to where you are going by helping others get to where they are going in life. Kindly drop your comment below, need help send us e-mail at



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