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How to Gain Admission into Harvard University Nigeria

By far no university has ever dare Harvard University in rank of world best university, world richest university, or world famous university in the history of the Shanghai rankings. Harvard university  has produced, 32 heads of state, 47 Nobel Laureates, and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners.

It boasts the largest academic library in the world (Widener Library, home to some 6 million volumes), as well as leading medical, law, and business schools. The school also has an integrated alumni network that stretches around the globe.

Being the oldest university in US, Harvard university  was founded 1636,  and over the years accumulated mass of wealth. The school’s endowment fund grew from $4.6 billion to $25.8 billion in 15 years. Today, the university possesses over $36 billion, and its fortune is still growing. Enough of Harvard introduction.

After researching on what it takes to gain admission into the most all time prestigious university in the world. So I decide to share same with you to act as a reference guide. Are you aware that in 2015, only 7.4% of those that applied to Harvard university was admited. That is about one out of every fourteen applicants. Don’t be scared! With the advice here, you will be among the 7.4%.

What Harvard University Looks Out For In Students

  1. Academic excellence: Harvard university is the center of excellence as such they celebrate excellence all round. To gain admission into Harvard university you must maintain strong track record of academic excellence. You must maintain straight A’s or at least 2 B’s in your WAEC (High school GPA), most Harvard applicants fall within the top 10% of their class, so you should aim to within this range to be seriously considered. You can read how to be the best in your department.

If your GPA or WAEC is well below this range, the other parts of your application will have to be incredibly impressive to make up for it. Don’t be discouraged by average Grade as it not the only criteria considered by Harvard university.

  1. Leadership Role: Because Harvard university want to produce leads of great leaders in every aspect, they consider an individual leadership ability. Before applying to Harvard university make sure you involve yourself in one or two leadership position in your formal school.

It must not necessarily be everywhere, but ensure you have one or two leadership role on your profile, with tractable record. Accept leadership position in your school, try and earn as many leadership badges as you can in school, church, clubs, etc. Top schools love producing leaders, and they accept loads of student leaders with great potential.

  1. Get Involve in Extra Curriculum Activities: Like I said earlier Harvard university aim at producing world great leaders including world talented athlete, artist, musician, actors, etc. The school looks at how many club, groups you belong and your leadership role in those clubs. Just find two or more group where you can develop your talent and join them.

Finding two or three clubs you’re interested in and making an effort to excel in those areas and even reaching a leadership role will show that you are a dedicated, well-rounded individual. Try and join a club early enough and start writing, playing instruments, art, photography, inventing, research, sports, try posting some of your extracurricular activities in Facebook, Youtube and get enough fans.

  1. Endeavour to Get High Scores At SAT Exam: I have shared several secrets on making First class in the university, Fast reading, Super memory Skills, etc. Like your WAEC or GPA at high school, good grade in SAT and TOEFL (for Nigeria students or individuals who English is not their native language) will increase your chances of gaining admission at Harvard university.

Just like having a perfect GPA or straight A’s in WAEC won’t give you direct admission , a high SAT score results won’t guarantee you a spot in Harvard. But sure it is was of the criteria to be considered by the admission officer. So you can start preparing for SAT early enough before hand, even if you fail you still have time to write another.

  1. Engage in competition on your area of interest: Find competition on your niche and engage yourself. Always look for opportunity to represent your school or better still find some, both national and international. Prepare very well and you might end up being among the best three. This activities increase and boost your profile over time.
  2. Involve in community Development: Find one or two things lacking in your community see how you can solve it, for instance you can start by voluntary to teach kids free in your community. Find other things you can do to impact your community. This way you are selling yourself as a patriotic individual which Harvard is looking for.
  3. Your Essay should be Compelling: Your essay is your speech, as such it should be original, interesting, persuasive and creative to sell your idea out to others. Take your time to write your essay, have enough time to proof read your essay. Usually the essay should be minimum of 250 words to maximum of 500 words.
  4. Teacher Evaluation: Normally Harvard required you to submit two teacher evaluations form. This is to determine your unique personality in the class room and to have further insight about your strength and weakness.

My advice, pick a teacher who has really seen you at your academic best, who trust you and willing to say something positive about you. He or she must be unique in describing you, otherwise pick another person.

Lastly, Harvard university or any other Ivy League university expert you to be exceptional all round. Exceptional academic wise, exceptional in social activities, exceptional in behaviour, exceptional in athletics, etc. Forbes writer said, “You must be superman” Smile! As Forbes put it:

The perfect Harvard applicant must possess myriad traits that would, to the untrained eye, appear to be polar opposites. They must be at once intellectual and down-to-earth, confident and humble, outgoing and reclusive, athletic and artistic, literary and scientific.

They must be, simultaneously, a bold leader and an easygoing follower. They must consume gossip mags and classic novels with equal ferocity. They must enjoy spending countless hours holed up in the library–if and only if they spend the same number of hours at a sweaty dorm party afterward in order to forget what they studied.

You think it pretty hard right for sure, Harvard university is looking for leaders not mediocre. All you need do is prepare for it and you will get it. I advise you blend night and day study to harness the opportunity. Night study  is not the scientific proven time to study, but a matter of body chemistry. Have any question let hear from you.

14 thoughts on “How to Gain Admission into Harvard University Nigeria”

  1. Okay,nice guidelines.So,does it mean that I can’t get into Harvard University without my SAT or ACT.I’m just saying ’cause those are a little bit expensive to write here in Nigeria.Please, I need help.

  2. Apart from SAT and TOEFL is there any other examination one can sit for in order to gain admission into Harvard

  3. Please is there any guidelines on how to apply for my masters program at harvard?

  4. Please could you guide us with an article for prospective students applying to Harvard business school (Mba)

  5. James Bedu Kodjo Eric Graham

    Yeah from experience one has no choice but to write SAT 1 and 2 like back in 2002.

    It is a little bit expensive about 52 US Dollars per Test but if Harvard is one of your Targets then go for it.
    You will never regret applying to the School.But bear in mind that scoring Perfet Scores will not Guarantee entry into the School like what happened to me.
    I earned great scores in World History 730 French 800.Writing 500.
    Yet no School wanted to accept me within their Ranks.
    Be an all round student and make sure your essay is within range and Capacity.

  6. James Bedu Kodjo Eric Graham

    I will however suggest to Nigerian Students and Africans to be ready to face rejection and Racism from Foreign Colleges and Universities.
    Apply to Schools beyond the ivy league.Dont be fooled by those snobbish Entities.

    Ther are other Schools that give Good value for money and because of the Competion on the East Coast.
    I suggest you apply to Schools further away from NY and DC into the Midwest and the West Coast.
    Lesser Known School accept us easily and they have better Dorm Facilities overall.
    This is actually really cool for foreign and African students.

  7. James Bedu Kodjo Eric Graham

    As a person of Color and a Black man,the issues are very real and even our Afro American Brothers and Sisters experience rejection of their Science and Technical ideas that they offer on the table.

    I learnt the hard way back In 2002,Dont make the same mistake like I did.
    Some Schools even insult our intelligence when we apply to their institutions.
    So younger Black People be a Conscious generation when you deal with people from other Colors and Races.

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