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How to Handle A Snoring Roommate in the University

Snoring roommate can sometimes be very annoying and irritating to the partner. One funny thing about snoring people is that they tend to sleep faster than an average  person thereby giving room for others to be disturbed by their snoring that usually start less than 2 minutes after lying down to sleep.

I remember when I was sick, the guy who came looking after me worsen the matter with his thundering snoring in the night. Seriously! I was afraid in the first place because I didn’t know the noise was coming from him. So I can imagine what it will be like sharing the same room with him for long.

Medical experts argue that on average, students need eight hours of sleep in order to function well in class. A problem like this can come between two perfectly good roommates or even partners. Before I suggest measures of helping a roommate to stop snoring, let quickly consider few causes of snoring.

Causes of Snoring in the Night

  • Sleeping Position: According to and, one of the major cause of snoring is sleeping position. According to them when an individual lies with his back on the ground and face up, he is likely to snore because of obstruction of complete air flow.
  • High alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption also is linked to snoring . According to, even those who never snore may start doing so after consuming a high  quantity of alcohol. For those who snore regularly, alcohol can make them snore even more.
  • An overweight Person: Accordingly, being overweight can also add to  reasons for snoring. If a person has a lot of neck fat, the airway can become too narrow, which can make breathing more difficult.
  • Health Issues: According to Mr. Manner at, snoring is generally considered a minor “social” problem, but it can also be a serious health issue. It’s correlated with a heightened risk of both heart attack (snorers have a 34 percent greater chance of having one) and stroke (67 percent). Other others include sleeping apnea, drowsiness, irritability, lack of focus and decreased libido.

Remedy For Snoring Roommate or Partner

Remember the first steps towards solving a problem is to identify the cause, having identified few of the causes of snoring, I will review some possible solutions.

  • Discuss the issue with your roommate: The first step to solving the issue is to discuss same with your roommate because he or she might not be aware of how terrible the snoring is affecting others. In some rare case, the person snoring might not be aware he or she is snoring at all.

Instead of blaming or accusing your roommate, explain that he snores and ask if he has ever done anything to remedy the problem. Ask your roommate if he would consider trying a remedy for his snoring.

  • Changing your attitude about snoring is another way to get in quality sleep time. Most of  us live in big cities with whole lots of noise. Have you thought about all the other noises that are taken for granted, like traffic, people talking, and birds chirping? Why don’t these noises bother you as much as snoring does?

Like someone rightly said,  Wouldn’t it be great to seize this opportunity to train yourself to become immune to noises like snoring? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sleep through loud freeway traffic or a thunderstorm? Who knows how your sleeping situation is going to be at certain times in your life you might as well start practicing now.

I know of a man who snores throughout the night but Am surprised that the wife who don’t snore at all still sleep with him with the heavy noise, even when she has her own separate room. I latter realized that the wife sees the snoring as other normal noise like music, thereby adapting to the noise.

  • Changing the Sleeping Position: You can recommend your roommate to always sleep by their side against sleeping face up. In the night try to gently wake your roommate and ask him or her to change their sleeping position.

Like I said earlier, reports from suggests that  people tend to snore more while sleeping on their backs. Your roommate’s airway may be narrowed when she lies on her back, causing her to snore. Don’t give up. If the method doesn’t help the first time, repeat this until the snoring stops.

  • Reduce the intake of Alcohol: Instead of wishing that it will stop one day or getting freaked out, why not suggest to your roommate to reduce his or her alcohol intake. Experts argue that “If your partner frequently drinks alcohol, his vocal folds may relax, causing snoring.
  • Exercise Works Wonders: Your roommate snoring could be caused by being overweight. If a person has a lot of neck fat, the airway can become too narrow, which can make breathing more difficult. You can ask your snoring roommate  if he would like to join you in a walk exercise every morning  or any other form of exercise.
  • Clear the air obstruction: Find out if the snoring is caused by air obstruction, hence run a humidifier if you and your snoring roommate share a bedroom. Convince your roommate to get a humidifier in the pharmacist. It releases water vapor into the air. If your roommate’s snoring is caused by a dry throat, a humidifier will help lubricate the throat and minimize the snoring.
  • Other remedies: There are couple of other effort to take, like advising your roommate or partner to go for medical check to be sure the snoring is not a health issues, also try using air plug when other measures has failed you. You can also try playing soft music if you can cope with that.

If all these measures fail you, you can decide to change room (though not the best decision, because what about you end up marrying someone who snores a lot). If you have other measures not highlighted here you can share with us at the comment box. Much love.

2 thoughts on “How to Handle A Snoring Roommate in the University”

  1. I hate Snoring people seriously. They will never allow you to sleep, if they sleep before you. Thank you sir for this timely advice, it think it will go a long way.

  2. A times like the author said this people snoring don’t really know how bad they are disturbing others with their sleep, so we just need to discuss the issue with them. Maybe they will stop or look for remedy to their snoring. Is really disgusting!

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