Top Secrets for Making Good Grade in Nigeria University

students gradeI have said it before, to make good grade in the university is not difficult for an average university first class student, if you have information on how to go about it. Information is power especially applied information.

So, to make that mind-blowing GP in the university, walk with me again as I highlight some of the key factors. Before, we unveil them can I tell you my dear, one thing is for you to know the secret another thing is for you to apply it. So be determined to apply it. If you have not gone through the part one of top secrets of making first class, do that now before you continue with this one.

  • Explore the benefit of Past Question

Past questions on every course are often a very good starting point to know your lecturers. Having past question on each subject help you to know the lecturer pattern of question, thereby helping you to prepare along that line. Can I tell you something? Most lazy lecturer often repeat past questions from time to time, so if you have the past questions before the exam time you know what that mean.

Having past question however does not mean you should limit yourself to it, rather let it give you an overview of the subject. Once you have prepare for the exam test yourself with the exam questions timing yourself as if you are in exam hall, with this you have adequate knowledge on the best approach for each exam.

Remember also, to study past question with your friends, or study group let everyone contribute on the best approach to tackle the question. With this your knowledge of the subject is widen.

  • Mind the friends you keep

I will tell you this, once you are intelligent or above average many people will want to be your friend, some are there just for the singular purpose of your downfall. Remember the adage, “Birds of feather flock together” your associate will surely affect you whether you believe it or not.

You can’t surround yourself with people who just want to graduate with minimal grade from the university, and you expect their teeming support and motivation.

If you have for instance, a “C” in any of your subject and you are lamenting it, they will mock you and let you understand that you even tried. My dear am talking from experience, you must select friends pursuing same thing with you. If you want to make first class, you must surround yourself with the best student(s) in the class.

  • Study the bible and pray

My dear studying the bible and praying play major role if not the greatest role in having good grade in the university. Remember, the bible says, except the Lord build the house the labourer labour but in vain; except the Lord watch over the city, the watchman watch but in vain(Psalm 126:).

 Whether you believe it or not, everything is not by one’s effort/labour, favour is better than labour. When you pray, you are telling God that you can’t help yourself but only him can help you, thereby committing God to compliment your effort.

What can studying the bible do for you in this regard? Bible is God’s word (John 1:1), since bible is God’s written word, the more you engage in it the more your thinking faculty expand. My advice is, when you want to study your book, especially those tough ones, study your bible for at least ten minutes, this will help to increase your assimilation rate. Hebrew 4:12, for the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edge sword,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

 However, am not saying that you should forget reading your book and engage in reading the bible always or praying always. Try and manage your time very well, plan your activities, pray and study your bible when you ought to and study your book as often as necessary. James 2:26, says as the body without the spirit is dead; so is faith without work. Minimize some social activities in the school, no one ever eat his cake and have it.

  • Understand your body system

Most people read and understand more in the night when everywhere is silent, but that does not mean that mid-night is the only time you can read and understand. Learn your body system, decide when you normally read and understand better.

Yours might be in the mid night, late in the evening or better still very early in the morning around 4am-7am Nigeria time. For most people afternoon is no go area, because of bulk of noise during this hour and so many other distractions. For some students, mid-night study is equivalent to sleeping. Because that is against their body chemistry.

  • Don’t give room to sickness

Sickness will most often attack you over your course of study, if you are so unfortunate but don’t allow it as an excuse for not reading your book. Remember, sickness is temporal and will soon go no matter how bad it maybe.

And when you fail to read your book because of sickness which will automatically leads to poor performance, you will blame yourself when you finally recover.

Fight the sickness my dear with your last strength, use your last strength to study your book no matter how small, you won’t die.

  • Work on your weak point

No one without weak point, so master your weak point and work on them, ask your friends to help you, call for help even from your lecturers. For a close mouth is a close destiny. You need others to achieve whatever you want.

My ebook on Secret of making first class by ordinary student is now available. To get it, just subscribe and I will send you a copy free. There you will discover the secret of winning your lecturer heart during marking. Secret of reading and understanding, best scientific proven position to take for enhance understanding while reading. Others includes, best study time, my own personal experience and many more.

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