Top Secrets for Making First Class in Nigeria Universities


You and I knows that it is never an easy task to make first class in Nigeria universities, giving the nature of our learning system and the many funny lecturers we have in our various campuses that are ready to frustrate you at any slightest opportunity.

The truth is that everyone in life want to succeed and be celebrated by many. But the problem is not everyone is willing to pay the sacrifice of success; and even those that are willing to pay the sacrifice of success don’t know how to pay the sacrifice.

In order word, if you are not informed, the potential and greatness in you will remain dormant and un-tapped. So if you really want to know some simple things to do to help you make good grade in school, endeavour to read this post carefully and apply it.

Set a Goal/Objective

Can I tell you something, you can’t make first class or good grade in the university without a clear goal and target. You must decide in your heart that you want to make first class no matter the cost. Once you have settled that in your mind, you then ask yourself this simple question, “what does it take to make a first class or any good grade as you may desire”. Ponder and reflect on the question, write down the answer you receive from the question and work with it.

Set an achievable goals for your whole life in the university, then break it down to each semester. Decide in your mind that you will make “A”s in all your exams with minimum of two “B”s in each semester. Write it down and paste it on the wall where you have your study. You must be seen the picture every day until it becomes part of you.

Study! Study!! and Study!!!

You must develop the habit of studying and reading even when is not convenient. You must have heard the adage that says, “nothing good comes easily” that is true! Nothing extra-ordinary comes without sacrifice. So the sacrifice here now is reading and studying. Learn to read ahead of the class, collect materials from your senior colleagues and start reading immediately the semester resume.

I remember those days, immediately we are through with exam, so many will be rushing home for holiday but I will stay back and ensure that I collected next semester materials from my senior colleagues and start reading gradually while am enjoying my vacation. You see, that is why you need to go close to your senior colleagues in your discipline.

See, studying as part of your life, once you are studying, and loss concentration or you feel fatigue and boring, stand up and stroll a little, gist or even play game to reduce the pressure. But you must time yourself otherwise you will be carried away. Understand your best productive time for study as the body differ(s). Some people need complete silence to concentrate while others like a little noise. Find what works for you and stick with it, discover your best study time.

Attend Lecture as much as Necessary

You must attend lecture and remain focused and concentrated while in class. Don’t allow friends to distract you during lecture, your goals differs from their own. In fact, let them call you names, they will soon celebrate you. You can even sit at the front most, from experience most serious student sit between front to middle sit. While will you not go for lecture you paid for?

 During lecture there are some powerful illustration that are often made which is all you need to understand and scale through in that very course. Ask question when necessary, questions bring better explanation, more question more explanation and more explanation, better understanding.

Understand Your lecturer’s

Ask question about your lecturer’s; how they operate, lecture style, question style, and their perspective of life. When you know your lecturer, you will be able to know how to prepare for their course. Because every lecturers differs, some often repeat past questions, some can’t repeat no matter what. Some lecturers love student that are very creative, while some expect you to give them back what they gave you.

You can even go close to some of them that are accommodating and have something upstairs to offer. Interact with them, ask them questions, discuss the course with them and you learn more. But I must sound this warning to especially the ladies, mind the way you go close to the lecturers, some of them can be funny and start demanding for something’s else. However, remember, that if you study your book no lecturer can intimidate you by demanding rubbish from you.

Cultivate the Habit of taking note in the Class

The two main reason we attend lecture in the university is to listen to the lecturer while lecturing and jot down points. Note is suppose to be points that will aid your reading, you don’t try to write everything the lecturer says, but you pick the hitting points, so you remain focus on the lecturer.

Understand why you are in the school, because an adage says, “when the purpose of a thing is unknown abuse is inevitable”. You are not in the class to gossip, laugh or see friends. Don’t read the newspaper, gossips with friends, or text your roommate during class. Instead, listen attentively and actively.

Whether taking notes from scratch or following a professor’s outline, the key for you will be to get the most important details down, so that you can refer back to them when you need them.

  After your lecture develop the habit of rewriting your lecture note, for this is another way of reading and making you look more organized. This suggestion may sound a little extreme, but the writing-to-learn literature shows that you can increase your understanding and retention of material by rewriting it.

Explore other materials

As a student enlarge your learning horizon, widen your knowledge, don’t just depend on what your lecturer taught you and his text. But go to the internet and explore more materials on each of your course. This habit will prepare you for any surprises, your lecturer might decide to ask his question beyond the course content, hand outs, or what he explain.

But in all cases, don’t ignore your lecturers point when writing exams, but rather write his/her point then add your own extra points. Don’t do over intelligent for your lecturer, he/she is the Lord of that particular course.

Have a study group or Reading partner

The truth is that no one is island of knowledge, no matter how good you are you need someone to interact with in your class. You can say, I can read and understand on my own, so I don’t need detractor’s.

But can I tell you something, you need an accountability partner, someone who can motivate you, challenge you into action and who you can use as experiment once you have finished reading.

I remember those days, whenever am carried away by some activities, my friend will call me and share his testimony of how he was able to cover a course. That singular act will make me to revert into action. Yes competition is good but it must be healthy one, not the one that will make you to start contesting with your friends or fellow student. Know what you want and pursue it.

Start every Exam with the one You know best

Don’t give bad impression at a start, you might be judged all through your answers by the way you answer the first exam question. Yes! because most lecturer simply take time to read the very first answer, and then use skimming approach for the rest. But once you answer the very first question comprehensively and accurately, it assumed you know what you are doing then less attention is paid on your others answers.

However, some lecturer might insist that you answer the question according as you were asked. Either way, ensure your answer is clear. Also ensure that you write your exam with good hand writing. If your hand writing is not legible enough, it will fetch low grade, because most lecturer might not have that patient to read your work. You can start making conscious effort to improve your hand writing, no time is late.

The remaining factors will be addressed in part two of top Secrets of making the best grade in the university part two. Can I tell you something, everyone can make first class in the university, it just call for extra effort and commitment. What differentiate extra-ordinary people from ordinary people is the extra effort they added.

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  1. This is the most simplified step by step guide to make good grade I have ever read. I think every student should read this post. Am a fan to this writer.

  2. Students who desire success to create impact need to read this few steps to achieve academic excellence not just to earn good grade. I think the word Sacrifice n determination and knowing how to is ok. ThanksEnter your comment here…

  3. Thanks a lot this actually helps I have been having troubles with my studies lately but now I can hope in God and try my best again I almost gave up in education thanks to this post

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