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Top Secrets of Discovering Your Talent in the university

The first step to a fulfilled and purposeful life is discovering your talent or potential. Everyman has his own unique endowments embedded on him by the creator. Your talent is that unique ability of you that distinguish you from the crowed. As much as it is natural in us, it can be developed and harnessed for our own good.

Discovering your own potential or talent sometimes might be little tricky. Reason is because like character or our back we rarely see it ourselves. But others sees them, same is our potentials, people often see it more than we do.

The danger of living without discovering your unique abilities is that it breeds struggles. Most people struggle in life so much because they have not developed their talent and potentials. In this article am going to share with you top secrets of discovering your unique talent and potentials.

Secret #1: Forget what you study or studying in School

What you are studying in the university must not correlate with your talent, have you not seen people who study engineer and later discover they were naturally a musician?

Don’t allow what you study to affect your judgment about  your talents. It is time to look outside the box of your degree and look inside your person and see what you are capable of doing stress less. That unique ability that flows inside of you without stress. Those services you rendered without stress, and without being paid.

Secret #2: Have an open mind

Because you may not know your likely potentials and because it maybe more than one, you just have to be open to all possibilities. You can start discovering what you are good at when you start looking at what you easily do.

Talent is not just dancing, singing, acting, comedy alone. You can be good in teaching, writing, illustrating, coaching or even reading someone intention all this are talents. Just think of many possibilities and open to new developments. Your talents will often lie in activities that you’ve not tried yet and if you don’t make time for those things, then you’ll never expand beyond what you are now.

Secret #3: Reflect on what you enjoy doing

Reflect on those activities you derive joy in doing, things you do not because you are forced to do them. I mean those things you enjoy doing even when no one is paying you yet you often loss track of time while doing it.

Those things that draw fans to you, people compliment you and always ask for your help again and again. Like me, I enjoy teaching, coaching, guiding people. It is normal me, I don’t care if people pay me for doing it because am happy doing it. That is why I help students with their assignment free and give them project materials free. The subject you love in school can be another hint just look within.

Secret #4: What do you do perfectly

You need to take closer observation to discover your talent. You might be good at doing something but might not have passion for it. Talents are not only what we enjoy doing but also what  we do best.

For instance, someone might actually be good at singing but don’t enjoy it maybe because he or she is shy, this case, he needs to build herself up and develop self-esteem in order to live her dream. This particular syndrome has kept people away from their talent and they are suffering it today.

Secret #5: Reflect on your past glory

Now that you have considered what you enjoy doing and what you are good at, it is time to think of what you have done in the past that you are proud of. Think of those moment in your life that you were celebrated because of your service.

Think of those activities in the past that you are always happy about, this could be pointing to your potentials. I remember when I was tender, how I gather my friends to teach them about the bible, how I love telling my kid friends bible story. Am not surprised that today I stand in the congregation of many to share God’s word and to help people develop their unique abilities.

Secret #6: Engage the opinion of others

Evaluate your friends and peers opinion about yourself. Ask them about what they think you are good at and why they think so. Honest friends will actually give you an honest answer because they might be seen what you don’t see.

The truth is that we might be carried away by what drive others and what we want to do that we forget our unique potentials. But asking others might actually realign us to our unique talents and potentials.

Secret #7: Think! Think !! and Think!!!

The problem with most of us especially students is that we rarely have time for ourselves to think about everything. People find it easy to be on social media for hours, watch movie for hours, sleep for hours and many other activities but hardly have few minutes to think about their life and learn anything.

The greatest laziness is the laziness of the mind, common! Think of something you can do, think about the societal problem, think about how you can solve these problems, think about how to add value to someone life – just think about anything. Most inventor (student inclusive) get their inspiration when they are alone thinking.

Secret #8: Develop your existing skills

Now that you have identified some of your common traits and unique abilities it is time to develop them. It is not enough to have talent for you to succeed. You must develop your talents to live a successful life. Hey! Have you not seen talented people that are poor and nobody in the society?

There are basic things you can do to really develop your identified unique abilities into their full potentials.

  • Research about those unique interest you discover. Say your unique ability is teaching, you can read articles on how to teach etc.
  • Enroll for Programmes unique to your talents, attend seminars and workshop to learn more about your potentials.
  • Look for opportunities to help other, this way you will be gradually building yourself up and reaching your full potentials.

Was this article helpful to you? Kindly share your view so it can help others, let join hands in helping people reach their full potentials.

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  1. This article remind me of my mentor. I think is time to wake up from my slumber. Thank you, I will be coming back.

  2. Discovering an individual talent or potential is the first and most valid legit way to be successful in life. You actually hit the nail at the top of the matter.

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