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There are three set of information you can see from this website:

  • Article that discusses issues regarding economics and related subjects and guide line in thesis, dissertation and project writings. This class of article 100% free to be downloaded, copied and use by anyone except for the purpose of republication. We do not accept republication of our blog post word for word anyone caught doing that will be reported to the appropriate authority.


  • An independent sample research of BSc/ undergraduate research work. Work in our website are purely a research conducted by us and is meant for undergraduate students. No website is allowed to republish this information anywhere word for word without written permission from us. Please, this work is not meant for Post-graduate students as this does not measure our work standards for MSC, MBA and PhD. To get such material, student are required to pay small token for the work and the price can change from time to time.



  • Lastly, customized article. You can order for a written article from our website for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The work you ordered for will never for any reason be published in this website or shared with any third party for no reason. And this is why we don’t give out MSc/MBA/ PhD work out. You can order for customized work here.


We do not encourage plagiarism and academic laziness, as such materials from this website should primarily be used:

  • As a guide in writing your research work.
  • As standard format for BSc research work
  • Materials should be used to source for more relevant work.

Student Material Usage

No student is expected to copy the work gotten from this website word for word and submit to his/her supervisor.

  • If you do, you will be doing de-service to yourself
  • Ensure you make proper citation from the work gotten from us.
  • You can request for custom work specifically design for you alone.

If you have any enquiry or questions, feel free to contact us at educacinfo@gmail.com.

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