Corruption in the Nigeria Education Sector

Corruption in Nigeria education sector are very alarming and worrisome. This impediment has crumbeled the country potentials.

I am convinced that quality education is the bedrock or channels through which every country produces her future leaders, thinkers, politicians, teachers, workers and what have you, are produced.

In Nigeria, this sector has deteriorated to the extent that the place which ought to be an agent of purifying and sharpening the minds of the next generation to become useful members of our society has now turned to training ground for corrupt individuals.

Corruption in Nigeria education sector is the most dangerous aspect of corruption in the country. The degree of corruption that is taking place in Nigeria educational system is worrisome and may collapse the country.

Therefore, if urgent care is not taken the future of the country is bleak as far as any meaningful development is concerned.

A closer look at our educational system will reveal that, there are many factors responsible for the deterioration and decadence of our educational system.

Some common question often asked by some stake holders or interested individuals as regard our educational system includes:

  • To what extent has our educational systems deteriorated in view of the corruption everywhere?
  • What is the degree of corruption in Nigeria education system?
  • How has this incidence of corruption impacted the attitude of our students negatively towards education?
  • What is the roles of the  parents in their consistent efforts to help their children get good grades and certificates without the requisite knowledge?
  • What is the role of the educators (teachers and lecturers) in certfying an individual who knows nothing about the course of study?
  • What role is government playing to revert this ugly trends ravaging and deteriorating our educational system? This questions and more will be addressed in this article.

Corruption in Nigeria educational sector does no have limitation to the level of education. As the trend start from the basic primary school to the university.

This has led most pessimist to argue that the corruption in Nigeria education can never be solved.

I was discussing with a friend the other day about the problem of corruption in Nigeria education, then he told me something shocking.

He said, people are no longer interested in knowing but rather interested in passing their exam and collecting certificate afterwards.

He further explained, in most of our secondary schools the students has lost interest in academics, some hardly come to school, even when they come to school, they hardly pay attention in the class, that is the extent the academics has fallen in Nigeria.

Today the students have totally lost interest in their education and sees education as passive activity and not active activity.

One day I saw some secondary school students fighting their teacher in the school. I then approach them and asked what is the cause of the fight, the students told me that the teacher punish them because they didn’t do their assignment.

According to them, the teacher had earlier been warned not to ever punish them for any reason. On a closer investigation I discover the student were Senior Secondary Student 3,  preparing for WAEC.

That the parents of the students has already registered WAEC for the students in special centers – where the students are been assisted with the answers to the WAEC questions so no need to stress themselves of reading.

Basically, I come to realize that the deficiencies of our university students can  be traceable to poor secondary school education.

A visit during WAEC Exam to various secondary schools especially those in the rural area will revealed to you how majority of the schools are murdering our education system.

Some of the centers hire expert to solve the questions, if their permanent staff are incapable of solving the questions. The expert solve the questions and the principal distribute it to the students.

The universities are not left alone as most undergraduate students in the various higher institutions of learning resort to all kind of activities to ensure they make good grade in the university.

The female students bring themselves as low as going after some old lecturers for marks.

A good number of others engaging in sorting their way out by giving money to the lecturers to pass them. Even the politicians send names of their candidates to some of the lecturers to pass them in their respective course. What an unfortunate something!

I was surprised one day, when a 300 level undergraduate met me to find someone for her, that will just teach her, how to read and write. I say what!

How did you enter the university? She said I won’t understand. Most student will tell you, who care if you knows the course as what will get you job after graduation is who you know, not what you know.

That is exactly how Nigeria educational system has been corrupted.

Can you imagine a situation where a lecturer will come to the class and threatneing the students that whoever didn’t buy his textbook will not pass his exam. Like joke you see some of the poor student that were unable to meet with buying the textbook failing the course, even when they wrote very well.

Some students hardly come to school yet when result is published you see them smashing while the few ones that study lament often get poor grade.

The government on its own part are not doing anything about this whole incidence. How will they say anything about corruption? Since they attain the position through this corrupt medium.

Most of the leaders often forge their own result to make sure they got the position they are. Some hire people to write the exam for them, so tell me how will they perform?

The government should as a matter of urgency partner with every stakeholders; parents, teachers, religion leaders, NGO’s and others to find a lasting panacea to this menace that have eaten deep into the fabric of our their nation.

The common question asked by stakeholder is who is to be blamed for this ugly trends, some says parents, to some is tutors while some says the students others the government.

I will live the question for you to answer. I have air my own view, yours is needed to have a better educational standard in Nigeria and all over the world. Share with others for a better Nigeria and standard education.

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