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Welcome to EduCacinfo! Where helping you “achieve your dream is our dream.” Do you have a research work, project, dissertation, thesis, journal, term paper among others that you need assistance or guidance?
Do you have special needs? Is time running out on you regarding your research work? Whatever academics needs or information needs we can help you with it.
Maybe, you have been struggling with your research work, ‘project, dissertation, thesis, term paper, and journal article, and time is no longer on your side. Or you an individual who needs assistance in putting together your project, dissertation and thesis as fast as possible, you can always rely on our outstanding team of professionals to help you advance your career and get the quality you deserve.

Why you must use our service for your project, dissertation and thesis work.

  • We guarantee 99% plagiarism free for all our research work.
  • We have experts’ writers and researchers in various field of your interest.
  • We make sure that a BSc holder no matter the expertise cannot write a dissertation or thesis for you.
  • There is constant and frequent communication with your assistant once the work commences throughout every stage of the research.
  • Because we value our integrity, we ensure you get the best quality customized to your specific needs.
  • We understand that universities, departments differs with respect to structure and format in project, dissertation and thesis writing, we observe these differences during our writing.
  • Our customer support is always ready to answer any and all of your questions by phone, email or WhatsApp chat. (+234-07069321463,
  • We understand the importance of time, as such, we ensure we deliver every research work before your dead line.
  • Another unique advantage about our services is that you are given the opportunity for installment payment.
  • We believe in customer-referral-business growth. As such, we work hard to please you so you can refer others to us.
  • We shall offer you a sample of our research work before you make your first payment as to further increase your confidence in our ability.

You can reach us now on +234(070)-6932-1463 available in WhatsApp! also.
Our price is the best you can get anywhere, moreso, we coach you and ensure your success during defense.
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A page/ 275 word count.

NGA 3500 or $8 per page


A page/ 275 word count.

NGA 4500 or $10 per page

BSc/ Undergraduate

A page / 275 word count.

NGA 2500 or $6 per page

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