Commercial Bank Credit on Agricultural Production in Nigeria

The impact of commercial bank Credit on agricultural production in Nigeria 1981-2015. Download the full research work in doc editable format. In recent years, Nigeria has been of hand with agriculture, yet the sector still accounts for a significant proportion of her gross domestic product. Agriculture was the leading sector in the pre-oil boom era, contributing 63 and 54 percent Continue reading

Project and Research Writing Step by Step Guide

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Good project writing is developed over time. I often tell student that their project is their first academic text and demonstrations of their learning. When people read your project work, they want to see your ability to motivate your question using logic, your ability to critically analyze the past literature, and your ability to recognize empirical problems as they arise. Continue reading

Chasing Grade in University A waste of Economic Resources

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I was discussing with a Professor yesterday in the cause of the chart, he said something shocking, he said, “chasing grade in school instead of learning in a major cause of failure and poverty in the society today.” He continued, Today real life successful people never chase grade in school but were chasing knowledge and skills against today norm. Three Continue reading

How to Gain Admission into Harvard University Nigeria

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By far no university has ever dare Harvard University in rank of world best university, world richest university, or world famous university in the history of the Shanghai rankings. Harvard university  has produced, 32 heads of state, 47 Nobel Laureates, and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners. It boasts the largest academic library in the world (Widener Library, home to some 6 Continue reading

Learn Calculus Online Free with Simplified Videos

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Solve real time problems – build 3D computer graphics and create video games- become web developer and designer, solve real time business problem as economist, analyst and more by Learn Calculus Online Free. You maybe wondering why learning calculus! Does it really worth the time and the hurdle of learning it?  Or maybe you just hate the mention of calculus Continue reading

10 Top Secrets of Mastering and Solving Any Maths Problem

Mathematics as easy as it is has remain one of the most challenging subject to many student over the years. I can’t help but wonder when student complain that math is hard. The truth is that math is not hard if you understand how to learn mathematics. Two reasons why math look like mystery to you could either be that Continue reading

5 Top Study tips for Fast Reading Examination Guide

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An average university students will read just between 250-280 words per minutes. The truth is an individuals’ reading levels will evolve and improve over time  as he/she is exposed to and learning more vocabulary. An individual familiarize with different words and their pronunciation they give themselves to reading. An individual can deliberately build and develop the skills of reading and Continue reading