Strategic management of Post Holding

6.1 Order validation. The Company reserves the right to re-check the Order details after the payment, to confirm the matching of the requirements indicated while filling out the Order form and any other requirements provided manually by the Customer via any communication channel. Should cases of mismatch occur, the Support Staff will contact the Customer to clarify and finalize the details.
6.2 Order volume. By the Company Standards, Order volume is measured in words only. 1 page Double-spaced is equal to 275 words, and 1 page Single-spaced is 550 words accordingly.
6.3 Change of Order details. The Customer may provide changes to the scope of work by contacting the Support Staff. Changes that influence the volume, urgency or complexity of the Order may require additional payment, which will be discussed with the Customer.
6.4 Resources. Should a specific source be required for Order completion, the Customer is responsible for providing it to the Writer. The Customer should upload the source(s) before the Writer is assigned in order to assure on-time delivery. If the source is provided late, extra time for Order completion will be required.
6.5 Communication. The Customer may contact his/her Writer via the Messaging system, which is available from Customer’s personal profile on the Website. The option is located in the specific Order page, on the top right. The Messaging system is similar to E-mail communication, but is more Secure for Customers to use. The Customer may also contact the Support Staff 24/7 via Online Chat, E-mail or phone.

Impact of poverty on education development in Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Poverty has been identified in literature as part and parcels of mankind and its existence has abhorred by individuals, families, nations of the economy (Gangas, 2017). As such, poverty is often described as the enemy of mankind and it is thought to be the gross violation of our civilization (Kazi and Leonard, Continue reading


Corporate social responsibility

Impact of government expenditure on poverty reduction in Nigeria focuses on how government strategically allocate resources to reduce the incidence of poverty in the country. It is a full project from chapter one to five. Enjoy! CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1                   Background of the STUDY The relationship between government spending on poverty reduction has continued to generate series of debate Continue reading

impact of Development Banks on Economic growth & development

 It is argued that development banks are important because they fill the gaps left by private financial institutions, which are mostly geared towards commercial activities. The main gap that a country is usually faced with is insufficient finance for economic transformation. Economic transformation typically requires long-term finance for large-scale projects with long maturation periods, which ultimately translates into risks Continue reading

Impact of Bank Stability on Commercial Banks Performance in Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study A safe, stable and sound banking system ensures the optimal allocation of capital resources, and regulators therefore aim to prevent costly banking system crises and their associated adverse feedback effects on the performance of the bank by ensuring bank stability. Over the past three decades, before the consolidation of the commercial bank Continue reading

Literature Review: Meaning and How to write it

Corporate social responsibility

A literature review is a critical evaluation, analysis and synthesis of similar works to your objectives of study with the purpose of justifying the need for your research work. It is an overview of what we know and of what we do not know about a given topic – Not necessarily exhaustive, but up -to -date and includes all major Continue reading

Impact of commercial Bank Credit on Agricultural Production in Nigeria

The impact of commercial bank Credit on agricultural production in Nigeria 1981-2015. Download the full research work in doc editable format. In recent years, Nigeria has been of hand with agriculture, yet the sector still accounts for a significant proportion of her gross domestic product. Agriculture was the leading sector in the pre-oil boom era, contributing 63 and 54 percent Continue reading

Project and Research Writing Step by Step Guide

Project writing Image

Good project writing is developed over time. I often tell student that their project is their first academic text and demonstrations of their learning. When people read your project work, they want to see your ability to motivate your question using logic, your ability to critically analyze the past literature, and your ability to recognize empirical problems as they arise. Continue reading