Impact of Capital Market on economic growth of Nigeria.

The impact of capital market on economic growth of Nigeria investigates the activities of the capital market in accelerating a stable economic growth in Nigeria. The project work contain chapter one to five for free. It also comes with reference and data for your reference. CHAPTER ONE         INTRODUCTION       1.1       Background to the Study The capital market is Continue reading

Impact of poverty on Unemployment in Nigeria

Poverty and unemployment

The impact of poverty on unemployment in Nigeria has been a controversial concept for decades now. Download the full project work on poverty and unemployment with references. Poverty and unemployment combined is the greatest challenges facing developing countries like Nigeria. In this research the nature and causes of poverty and unemployment will be examined and  policies to combat the issues Continue reading

Impact of Taxation Revenue on Economic Growth of Nigeria


Impact of taxation revenue on economic growth of Nigeria with references. The taxation revenue on Nigeria economic growth comes to lime light considering the incidence of overdependent on oil revenue in Nigeria. This work examined the nature of tax system, benefits of tax revenue and mechanism that can be adopted to properly harness the revenue from taxation in Nigeria. CHAPTER ONE Continue reading

Impact of monetary policy Innovation on Nigeria Economic Growth


Impact of monetary policy innovation on Nigeria economic growth 1981-2016, download the full project materials from chapter one to five with reference and abstract. Monetary policy innovation on Nigeria Economic Growth will evaluate key instruments in monetary policy. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Nigeria still presents a clear reflection of the third world economy in which the Continue reading


Corporate social responsibility

Impact of government expenditure on poverty reduction in Nigeria focuses on how government strategically allocate resources to reduce the incidence of poverty in the country. It is a full project from chapter one to five. Enjoy! CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1                   Background of the STUDY The relationship between government spending on poverty reduction has continued to generate series of debate Continue reading

Impact of Agriculture Development on the Rural Economy /Dwellers in Nigeria

Corporate social responsibility

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1 Background to the Study The impact of agricultural sector on rural development cannot be over emphasised. The work examined agricultural sector and rural development in Nigeria. The word agriculture is an English adoption of the Latin word agricultura, which was derived from the root words ager, which means field and cultura, which means cultivation or growing. Continue reading

Determinant of Waste management services Demand in Nsukka

public spending on poverty

ABSTRACT This research work investigated household preference and willingness to pay for waste management services in Nsukka urban. The study employed a descriptive survey methodology where questionnaire was employed as the research instrument to collect the relevant data. The population of the study is made up of the households in the Nsukka urban (comprising of six town) where simple random Continue reading

Impact of Trade openness on economic Growth of Nigeria

The impact of trade openness on Nigeria economic growth within the sample period of 1981-2016 PDF. Download the full materials from chapter one to five with reference and abstract. Trade openness on Nigeria economic growth was tested using VECM and Granger causality test to estimate the relationship. CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study With globalization and trade liberalisation, Continue reading

Impact of Unemployment on economic Growth of Nigeria

Impact of Unemployment on Nigeria economic Growth 1981-2017 PDF. The impact of unemployment on economic growth includes; 1. fall in national output, 2. increase in rural-urban migration, 3. waste of human resources, 4. high rate of dependency ratio, 5. increase poverty, depression, 5. increase frustration, all sorts of immortal acts and criminal behavior . Premium Times Mobile (2013) noted that, Continue reading

Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Nigeria Economic Growth


Impact of oil price volatility on Nigeria economic growth cannot be over-emphasised 1981-2016. Download the full project work below. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of Study Nigeria industrial sector has been impacted significantly by the wage of oil price volatility. During the period of high oil price in the international market, government increase expenditure in the industrial sector to Continue reading