Risk faced by a multinational corporation and how to they manage it

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Go online and find an article that describes how a company overcame the risks outlined in chapter 13 on page 517. For example, what did McDonald’s do to hedge exchange rate risk? What did Apple do to deal with Intellectual Property Risk in China? Describe the company Describe the type of risk they encountered – why? What did they do Continue reading

Analysis of Gift Giving in China as it Affect Business

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This article discusses how the art of giving gift in China may affect business and how management can handle the issue of gift giving. China has become the trading hub of many multinational corporations (MNCs). This is largely due its large market and the increasing taste of the Chinese on luxury goods. However, despite the large potential of the Chinese Continue reading

Impact of Trade openness on economic Growth of Nigeria

The impact of trade openness on Nigeria economic growth within the sample period of 1981-2016 PDF. Download the full materials from chapter one to five with reference and abstract. Trade openness on Nigeria economic growth was tested using VECM and Granger causality test to estimate the relationship. CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study With globalization and trade liberalisation, Continue reading

Impact of Unemployment on economic Growth of Nigeria

Impact of Unemployment on Nigeria economic Growth 1981-2017 PDF. The impact of unemployment on economic growth includes; 1. fall in national output, 2. increase in rural-urban migration, 3. waste of human resources, 4. high rate of dependency ratio, 5. increase poverty, depression, 5. increase frustration, all sorts of immortal acts and criminal behavior . Premium Times Mobile (2013) noted that, Continue reading

Impact of Capital Market on economic growth of Nigeria.

The impact of capital market on economic growth of Nigeria investigates the activities of the capital market in accelerating a stable economic growth in Nigeria. The project work contain chapter one to five for free. It also comes with reference and data for your reference. CHAPTER ONE         INTRODUCTION       1.1       Background to the Study The capital market is Continue reading

Negative Impact of External Debt on Nigeria Economic Growth

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The negative impact of external debt on Nigeria economic growth hardly come to the mind of the policy makers at the point of contracting the loan. Loan or borrowing to fund gaps in government revenue has become norm in Sub-Sahara Africa especially in Nigeria. It is unfortunate how most government overlook the negative impact of external debt and focus only Continue reading

Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Nigeria Economic Growth


Impact of oil price volatility on Nigeria economic growth cannot be over-emphasised 1981-2016. Download the full project work below. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of Study Nigeria industrial sector has been impacted significantly by the wage of oil price volatility. During the period of high oil price in the international market, government increase expenditure in the industrial sector to Continue reading

Impact of Debt Burden on economic Growth of Nigeria

Impact of debt burden on economic growth of Nigeria.  Download the full research work from chapter one to end. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Debt whether domestic or externally sourced remains one of the key instrument used by policy makers to spur the economic activities of a nation in order to put the economy on the part of Continue reading

Impact of Education on economic growth of Nigeria


Impact of education on economic growth of Nigeria. Education impacts the economy in several ways including improvement in human capabilities, skills, competence, among others. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1.      Background to the study Education is an age long phenomenon in all societies although it may take various forms from one society to another. In Nigeria two forms of education were in Continue reading

Effects of Rewards on Employee Performance in the Hospitality Industry

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ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to establish effects of rewards on employee performance PDF. The first research question of the study examined intrinsic and employee performance; the second research question examined extrinsic rewards and employee performance, while the third research question examined other factors that influence employee performance. This study adopted a descriptive survey design. The study had Continue reading