Impact of poverty on education development in Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Poverty has been identified in literature as part and parcels of mankind and its existence has abhorred by individuals, families, nations of the economy (Gangas, 2017). As such, poverty is often described as the enemy of mankind and it is thought to be the gross violation of our civilization (Kazi and Leonard, Continue reading

Corporate Social Responsibility and Organisation Productivity

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (often referred to as corporate conscience or corporate citizenship) is a policy that integrates consciousness and self-regulation of stakeholders and their well-being into a business model (David, Winster, Praveenraj and Vijayalaksmi, 2014). As argued by Rasche, Morsing and Moon (2017) there are several reasons why organisation engage in CSR, but organisation mostly engage in it to improve Continue reading


Corporate social responsibility

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1                   Background of the STUDY The relationship between government spending on poverty reduction has continued to generate series of debate among scholars. The size of government spending and its effect on poverty reduction, and vice versa, has been an issue of sustained interest for decades. Government performs two functions- protection (and security) and provisions of certain Continue reading

impact of Development Banks on Economic growth & development

It is argued that development banks are important because they fill the gaps left by private financial institutions, which are mostly geared towards commercial activities. The main gap that a country is usually faced with is insufficient finance for economic transformation. Economic transformation typically requires long-term finance for large-scale projects with long maturation periods, which ultimately translates into risks that Continue reading

Impact of Agriculture Development on the Rural Economy /Dwellers in Nigeria

Corporate social responsibility

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study The impact of agricultural sector on rural development cannot be over emphasised. The work examined agricultural sector and rural development in Nigeria. The word agriculture is an English adoption of the Latin word agricultura, which was derived from the root words ager, which means field and cultura, which means cultivation or growing. According Continue reading

Determinant of Waste management services Demand in Nsukka

public spending on poverty

ABSTRACT This research work investigated household preference and willingness to pay for waste management services in Nsukka urban. The study employed a descriptive survey methodology where questionnaire was employed as the research instrument to collect the relevant data. The population of the study is made up of the households in the Nsukka urban (comprising of six town) where simple random Continue reading

Impact of Bank Stability on Commercial Banks Performance in Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study A safe, stable and sound banking system ensures the optimal allocation of capital resources, and regulators therefore aim to prevent costly banking system crises and their associated adverse feedback effects on the performance of the bank by ensuring bank stability. Over the past three decades, before the consolidation of the commercial bank Continue reading

Overview of Price, Demand and Supply Pattern of Cadbury Products.

Corporate social responsibility

Go online and find article(s) about the supply or demand of a product and how the S/D situation is influencing price, the overall economy, people’s lives, the environment, government policies, war and peace, just to name a few factors that are connected to the dynamics of supply and demand. Describe the product in detail – who are the suppliers, who Continue reading

Risk faced by a multinational corporation and how to they manage it

public spending on poverty

Go online and find an article that describes how a company overcame the risks outlined in chapter 13 on page 517. For example, what did McDonald’s do to hedge exchange rate risk? What did Apple do to deal with Intellectual Property Risk in China? Describe the company Describe the type of risk they encountered – why? What did they do Continue reading

Analysis of Gift Giving in China as it Affect Business

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This article discusses how the art of giving gift in China may affect business and how management can handle the issue of gift giving. China has become the trading hub of many multinational corporations (MNCs). This is largely due its large market and the increasing taste of the Chinese on luxury goods. However, despite the large potential of the Chinese Continue reading