Impact of Capital Market on economic growth of Nigeria.

The impact of capital market on economic growth of Nigeria investigates the activities of the capital market in accelerating a stable economic growth in Nigeria. The project work contain chapter one to five for free. It also comes with reference and data for your reference. CHAPTER ONE         INTRODUCTION       1.1       Background to the Study The capital market is Continue reading

Impact of poverty on Unemployment in Nigeria

Poverty and unemployment

The impact of poverty on unemployment in Nigeria has been a controversial concept for decades now. Download the full project work on poverty and unemployment with references. Poverty and unemployment combined is the greatest challenges facing developing countries like Nigeria. In this research the nature and causes of poverty and unemployment will be examined and  policies to combat the issues Continue reading

10 Best State Universities in Nigeria 2017 Edition

public spending on poverty

10 Best Universities in Nigeria. Here is  the latest ranking of the Nigeria universities by different commission/body and web crawlers, especially the Nigeria University governing body on academic and performance known as National University Commission, NUC, recently in 2019. Where the body rank the top 100 universities in Nigeria. The ranking according to the commission is based on academics standard, Continue reading

Strategic management of Post Holding

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Impact of poverty on education development in Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Poverty has been identified in literature as part and parcels of mankind and its existence has abhorred by individuals, families, nations of the economy (Gangas, 2017). As such, poverty is often described as the enemy of mankind and it is thought to be the gross violation of our civilization (Kazi and Leonard, Continue reading

Causes and Solution to Unemployment in Nigeria

unemployment in Nigeria

What is the causes and solution to unemployment in Nigeria is often a leading question among policy makers. The simple solution to unemployment in Nigeria is investment in skills. I will explain this in details. The Nigeria unemployment grew from 24.2% in January 2015 to 33.3% in July 2016. The youth unemployment is currently at 58% which is on a Continue reading

Impact of Taxation Revenue on Economic Growth of Nigeria


Impact of taxation revenue on economic growth of Nigeria with references. The taxation revenue on Nigeria economic growth comes to lime light considering the incidence of overdependent on oil revenue in Nigeria. This work examined the nature of tax system, benefits of tax revenue and mechanism that can be adopted to properly harness the revenue from taxation in Nigeria. CHAPTER ONE Continue reading

Impact of monetary policy Innovation on Nigeria Economic Growth


Impact of monetary policy innovation on Nigeria economic growth 1981-2016, download the full project materials from chapter one to five with reference and abstract. Monetary policy innovation on Nigeria Economic Growth will evaluate key instruments in monetary policy. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Nigeria still presents a clear reflection of the third world economy in which the Continue reading

Corporate Social Responsibility and Organisation Productivity

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (often referred to as corporate conscience or corporate citizenship) is a policy that integrates consciousness and self-regulation of stakeholders and their well-being into a business model (David, Winster, Praveenraj and Vijayalaksmi, 2014). As argued by Rasche, Morsing and Moon (2017) there are several reasons why organisation engage in CSR, but organisation mostly engage in it to improve Continue reading


Corporate social responsibility

Impact of government expenditure on poverty reduction in Nigeria focuses on how government strategically allocate resources to reduce the incidence of poverty in the country. It is a full project from chapter one to five. Enjoy! CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1                   Background of the STUDY The relationship between government spending on poverty reduction has continued to generate series of debate Continue reading