Best Professional Certificate During NYSC to Boost your Employment

Nysc imageProfessional certificate during Nysc is essential to ace your dream job. The National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) was formed specifically for promoting national integration among the numerous ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The truth is NYSC might be a waste of time to some but don’t waste yours as well because this is d time you can structure or re-structure your career path. See NYSC as opportunity to increase your employability status.

Wherever you are posted in Nigeria, look out for opportunity to improve yourself not opportunity to flex, sleep and engage in useless activities which will not enhance your economic value. The one you enjoy in campus is enough my dear, be wise! You can engage in some professional certificate course and some training like Fashion design, Web design, Agriculture training(fisheries, poultry, etc), entertainment among others.

The one you enjoy in campus is enough my dear, be wise! You can engage in some professional certificate course and some training like Fashion design, Web design, Agriculture training(fisheries, poultry, etc), entertainment among others.
Unemployment in Nigeria is growing at a geometric rate, and the government is not or has not been doing enough to ameliorate  this. Hundreds of thousand corps member are turned into the labour market on yearly basis to go and secure the un-available jobs. Even if you decide to opt for business, the environment is not friendly to you – giving the epileptic nature of power supply, tax rate, low or no capital and many other factors.

Even if you decide to opt for business, the environment is not friendly to you – giving the epileptic nature of power supply, tax rate, low or no capital and many other factors.

This very problem has led so many motivational speakers or career coaches worsen the whole situation by advising young graduates to improve themselves and position themselves for gainful employment by obtaining professional certifications without giving them the ABCD of the process.

Holding on to their advice, many corps members in a bid to position themselves for gainful employment have taken the wrong way, and fall prey to companies offering several professional certifications that add no singular value to the corps members .  So many has paid thousands of scarce naira for such certificate courses.

These people are so good at what they do that they can convince a doctor to take a course on taxation. They are not the worst of all as the NYSC has joined forces with NIM to convince lawyers, engineers, doctors, scientists, to take their examinations. It comes so cheap that everyone is encouraged to offer it.

I bet you wherever you are posted in Nigeria, many career coaches or motivational speakers will line up there to introduce courses like National Institute of Management (NIM), Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Project Management Program(PMP), Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA), among others.

Some of these courses are concluded within two weeks or more, some three weekends. Where the price range start from N11, 000 upward, most corps members enrolls for some of these programs because of its relative cheap nature and their desperation to be properly position for well paid jobs after NYSC scheme.

My problem with most corps members is their inability to have specific goals of what they want in life. Yes! Because there are questions begging for answer before signing up for any professional certifications. Of course there are several questions begging for answers. I have seen people with more than two irrelevant professional certifications without job for more than one year of their NYSC scheme. It is relevant and recognized professional certificate that add value to you.

Of course there are several questions begging for answers. I have seen people with more than two irrelevant professional certifications without job for more than one year of their NYSC scheme. It is relevant and recognized professional certificate that add value to you.

Before enrolling for a professional certificate address these few questions in your head:

What kind of professional certifications are relevant to my primary certificate(B.Sc certificate)? Any certificate you are applying for should be an addition to your course of study, it should have correlation, if not forget it my dear. Imagine a doctor or trained engineer doing NIM, APCON, because the program is cheap and readily available. Must you know everything? No! that is where most people get it wrong.

Organization are looking for experts, professional not people that have idea about every field with no skills.

What kind of certifications are relevant to my dream jobs? There should be correlation between your dream job and the certificate. For example, if you are looking at a career in taxation(Revenue boards of the Federal government and states, private tax companies), get certified by Chartered Institute of Taxation(CITN). For career in marketing, consider Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria(APCON), career in management or related discipline consider Chartered Institute of Personnel Management(CIPM), Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria(ICAN), etc.

How marketable is the certificate in the Labour market: Apology to the relevant bodies, certificate like NIM are common in the labour market without much addition to your employability status.  NB: For the economist, please consider only certificate course like, CITN, CIPM, ICAN and few relevant others depending on your budget and time frame of the program.

Some certificate are very marketable by themselves, ask yourself how many people want the service of the people with the certificate you have in view. It doesn’t end in having certificate but rather in using the certificate for securing well paying job. With ICAN certificate, you can work anywhere.

The certificate and the company offering it, are they certified and recognized:  Find out from other corps members if the certificate are genuine, if not run for your their life. Is not a must to have a professional certificate, you can go for skill acquisition. You will notice some of the tutors of various certificate saying theirs is better, don’t mind them. Ask around and be sure before you let them take your hard-earned money in exchange for a printed paper they call certificate.

The NYSC management or official are not even helping matters this days because of some commission they stand to benefit. Imagine NIM certificate that comes with the NIM logo on a side and NYSC on the other. And I ask this simple question, what kind of professional body gives a real professional certificate with an irrelevant body’s logo on same?

The truth is that NIM is a registered and viable body, but the certificate they offer to corps members who offer their courses is not viable. Maybe I’m wrong, but you can make your research by yourself. Compare people with NIM certificate and people with other certificate like  CITN, ICAN, APCON, CIPM’s certificates. Nigeria is a country where everyone takes advantage of everybody. They know of your desperation to get professional certifications, hence your vulnerability.

So before choosing the certificate to go for consider this few things  in order not to be a victim. If you have too much money to waste, send some to me or even to the motherless babies. My advice is, verify all claim before enrolling for it, consider what you have passion for as this will enhance your learning ability. Wait a moment go and subscribe now for more post on skills relevant to your course and passion, updates on writing killer cv that no employer can resist and many more. Just enter your mail at the subscription box by your right.

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74 thoughts on “Best Professional Certificate During NYSC to Boost your Employment”

  1. Please am very curious. What type of professional course should I do. Am a graduate of Political Science and I recently concluded my NYSC program. Am presently doing the NIM program. Someone adviced me to do CIPM but I want to be sure of the professional course to do first. Thank God for this post, I don’t normally comment but I need your advice. I’ll be very grateful.

  2. Dear Thelma,thanks for your comment!
    I will advice you to consider Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR)or CIPM as recommended by your friend. Both of the program focus and training individuals in handling public relational issues. And both are well known professional bodies. But to be candid, I recommend NIPR if the resources is there.

  3. Of all the advice I receive as regard this particular issue this one is the best so far. Thanks for the advise.

  4. Hello, Your post is really informative. Kudos to you
    Please I need your candid advice on this: Which of the professional courses should I take, I studied Horticulture and Landscaping under Agriculture and graduated with a first class.
    I am presently undergoing my NYSC program

  5. Thanks for this wonderful article, it is really a great guide. I love article that are practical to the needs in the society not all this half baked article everywhere. Once again thanks for your effort.

  6. hello pls im a graduate of business admin. which professional course should i opt for?

  7. I just want through your write ups and am so fascinated by it. Am a graduate of French, please which certificate course will u advice me to go for. Thanks

  8. I just went** through your write ups and am so fascinated by it. Am a graduate of French, please which certificate course will you advice me to go for.

  9. Am really confused about the whole professional course thing. Before I started my service I had in mind to run the NIM course which I have already embarked on with a part payment. Now, the confusion begins after writing a somewhat aptitude test in camp to run either HSE/PMP or both programs which I did not take seriously then but after series of text messages from this novelle institute that runs these programs and equally as a result of boredom in the village where I am, I decided to go for it. when I got to know the difference between both courses I then put in for HSE which is a four weekend program and with a running cost of 19500 which I have not paid due to the state of the economy . Now my question is this; I studied philosophy but irrespective of the relative nature of the course am in a dire need to get a professional cert but am faced with the challenge of knowing which is genuine, right and relevant. So now please I need ur advice will it be OK to run both NIM and HSE because this were the results of my own personal conclusions or better still how can I go about it.

  10. Hello Chinemerem!

    I share with your worries. If you have completed or paid for the NIM program then continue. However, I don’t subscribe with the idea of going for HSE it doesn’t relate at all. Consider Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development (I.H.S.D), CIPM, NIPR or any other related certificates.

    Best of luck!

  11. Good day, i am a graduate of English and currently serving. Im confusedon what professional course to run. Thought of customer relations o pmp. The funny thing is the body conducting this professional courses aredoing akinda promo of do 2professional courses and get 2 certificatefor frew. Who does that.

  12. please am a graduate of mass communication which professional course can i put in for? and which is relevant in the labour market (easy to get a Job)

  13. Hello, need your advice studied Medical Laboratory Science, but not seeing myself in a Hospital in a long time. What kind of certification will be gmfine

  14. Kudos! For your write up. May Almighty God reward you immensely.. Amen.

    Please I am a graduate of Library and information Technology, what professional course would you advice that i go for?

    Thanks in anticipation

  15. Good day to you.
    I’m a graduate of computer engineering. What professional course can I do.
    Some one suggested ITIL ,though its quite expensive.
    What can you advice me to do.

  16. Hello
    Thanks so much for the advice and very happy because I almost waste my money on all these professional courses during my Nysc. Pls am studied Information Management Technology and currently working as sales repr. Pls what professional course can I go for so as to upgrade my self professionally.


    Please ooo
    Which discipline is most suited to go for HSE Professional certification?
    Which discipline also would benefit most from project management professional course training?

    I studied economics, what are the other professional certificate should I go for apart from ICAN?

  18. hello, i’m a graduate of English and Literature. what professional course do you think is best suited for my course? thank you for this wonderful insight.

  19. Akwue Ifunanya C.

    hello good pm…m a graduate of chemistry which professional course is best suited for me. thanks

  20. Thanks for this info,was about signing in for Nim but this info I had a rethink, I studied dramatic arts,is there any professional course relevant to this field? If yes, which one of them?

  21. Good morning. Thank you very much for the information. I am a graduate of early childhood education and I need your advice and the kind of professional course to take. Thank you very much

  22. I’m still serving but I studied philosophy and I have interest in whatever force job that comes aside the police…what course should I opt for? Besides I’m about taking another course in project management

  23. Hi, can anyone tell me more on institute of information and strategy Management, is it a recognised body? Tnx.

  24. Hello, am a graduate of Sociology, still undergoing my service year,tho am left with 6month
    We were advised to take the CIPM proffesional course tho it’s a little bit pricey, but I want to be sure it goes side ways with my primary course

  25. Hi,I’m a graduate ofEconomics and Education..Batch ‘C’corper and I am thinking of obtaining a professional degree in HSE
    Please can I go on with it

  26. Greetings,
    Please, am a graduate of economics, still serving and I was advised to enroll for a professional course on Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management(CICRM), which is also a PGD but I want to know if the body is viable?
    If not, what professional course can I take that will boost my chances of getting employed?
    Also, I graduated with a 2.2, am I qualified to enroll directly for Masters or I will need to do PGD first?

  27. Good morning…I studied Public administration and I’m currently serving…can I enroll for Chartered Institute Of Personnel Management?
    I’m really confused with all the professional bodies everywhere..

  28. Hello, am glad I read this post. Pls I studied Microbiology and currently in my NYSC but I want to do a professional program, pls kindly advice me on the one to do. God bless you

  29. Hello! Thank You for this wonderful piece. I’m a graduate of economics and just back from camp. Please which of the programmes will be relevant to my field????

  30. This post really got me and i found it very useful God bless you for that but I’m a graduate of Lagos state polytechnic studied Fisheries what professional course do you think i can opt in for

  31. Hello. I’m presently undergoing my NYSC scheme. I studied Biochemistry, which of the professional courses should i opt-in for? I need two of the courses. Thanks.

  32. Mr. Talabi Olalekan

    Please, I’m having an Ordinary National Diploma in Mass Communication, I would like to know if NIPR is advisable for me to go for and also to know if I would be admitted for the Professional Diploma in NIPR with my OND in Mass communication.


  33. Am a graduate of banking and finance, an awaiting corper. Pls I need your advice thanks

  34. Thomas Christopher Adeolu

    Please am very curious. What type of professional course should I do. Am a graduate of Computer Science and I currently serving….still have 9months for my NYSC program. Which of the Professional courses should I opt in for.

  35. Hi, i studied accountancy …… i initially thought of writing ICAN during my NYSC but that isn’t feasible now due too the high cost involved compared to my financial status now. I heard about a business school that offers a HRM course and am thinking of going for it. What do you suggest sir? I just don’t want to waste my service year

  36. Hello,
    Please I’m a graduate of theatre arts.
    Which professional course(s) would you advise me to take.
    I await your response.
    Thank you

  37. hi
    Am a graduate of physics and electronics and i want to opt in for a professional course and am confused on which one to go for
    please an advice is needed as i am about to round up my nysc program
    please i await your replu

  38. Hi Good day
    Am a corp member presently serving in Ogun state and I need your advice on what professional course I can take that will be be beneficial to my course of study, i studied Accounting. Apart from ICAN due to it high cost might take that in future which other course can be beneficial to my course of study, I picked a form today to do project management or human resource management but am having a rethink and is confused.
    Will really appreciate if you can be of help.

  39. Your write up is really enlightening, Thanks for the information.
    Please, I would like to know what professional certification, i can acquire as graduate of Actuarial science under the management sciences field?

  40. Thanks for your post. Please as for me who studied criminology and security studies, what professional course can I take.

  41. Hi, Good evening. I’m Geenarh a graduate of pure and industrial chemistry . What professional courses do you recommend I opt for?

  42. Hi,good day,i studied community health and health education.what professional courses do you recomend i opt for

  43. Hello, I’m a graduate of Biology Education and I wish to pursue a career in Public Health (Health Promotion). What professional course(s) should i enrol in during NYSC. Thanks

  44. Great write up.
    Your sincerity is rear believe me.
    I am graduate of statistics form Yabatech…going for service this November…which professional course will you advise me to go for?

  45. thank you so much for this eye opener,but my own question is what professional course am i going to study as an Archaeologist.I studied Archaeology from AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY ZARIA. AM presently serving in Abuja. Thank so much in anticipation.

  46. Hello I studied physiology nd am serving,what professional course can I do,hoping to hear from u soon

  47. My question is how relevant is NIMN to CV for someone that studied marketing unlike ICAN. Is it preferred to do ICAN or NIMN

  48. Good day! Please I am a graduate of Geology, just recently started my Youth Service. Please what are the certifications you would recommend I acquire and which companies are certified to issue me International certification for the courses?

  49. Benny Daniel Kuloku

    Hi, I’m a graduate of library and information science. Please which professional course would you advice me to do?

  50. Ibrahim oluwabunmi

    Good day
    I’m a graduate of statistics
    And I’m currently a Corp member in imo state
    I was thinking I could go for NIM and HSE with novelle centre
    But now I’m confused and really need your advice
    And please what other professional certificates can I also acquire as a statistician.

  51. Please I need your candid advice on this: Which of the professional courses should I take, I studied Banking and Finance
    I am presently undergoing my NYSC program

  52. Thanks for your advice. Pls I studied public administration , which professional course should I take pls I need it to boost my result.

  53. good day ,am rachel i just went through your post and i learnt something new from your post
    I studied transport and logistics management and am currently serving in lagos. i registered for NIM and have been attending i need your advice on what other professional course i can do after NIM.

  54. Am a graduate of mass communication, currently serving. What kind of professional course should I do to get a good job?

  55. Good day,
    Am a prospective Corp member,I studied mathematics education and wants to go into the educational field fully,what are the relevant professional courses for me, thanks in anticipation

  56. Good day I’m a graduate of mathematics education,currently serving,I want to know which of these professional training institute is best for me to enhance my certification to enable me get a good job

  57. Good day sir, thanks for the enlightenment. What course can I enroll for as an educationist. I studied Christian studies education to be precise and I’m currently serving. I don’t want to waste time and resources. Thanks as I anticipate your answer.

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