How to Establish Barbing Salon for Nigeria Student

barber shorpThere are ever increasing opportunities for barbers in our campuses everyday. All you need is good packaging and open your mouth and tell people that this is what you are capable of doing. As a student, you can start providing mobile haircuts services to other student.

Now that you don’t have your shop, negotiate with the owner of the shop, be willing to give the shop owner some commission for every hair you cut, this way he allow you to remain in the shop. And you have more knowledge on how to run a successful barbing saloon.

Now let be more specific about establishing your barbing saloon as a student with small capital. Understand that the barbing salon business is not a seasonal business in nature people hair will consistently grow. So as virtually all guys and some ladies hair and beard will always need grooming, shaving or trimming, there will always be clients/ customers for any barbing salon business.
Steps to undertake to Start

Acquire Knowledge: The first step to own your barbing salon is that you must have basic knowledge of the business. Apply to be an apprentice with an already existing barbing salon business. There is so much to learn; hair cut styles, hair treatment, beauty tips, health tips, customer and management care. Whether you will not directly involve in cutting the hair, you still need the knowledge to attend to customer and complains, and in order to hire a qualified barber. So undergo significant training first, the longer the training, the better!
Consider Your Business Location: This particular parameter is very, very important. Because your location determines your profitability. Here are some factors you should consider;

  • Population: How populated is the area you want to locate the business; is it a busy roads, streets, neighborhoods, student hostels etc. A busy place give a better chance of succeeding, while less busy area breed lower customers.
  • Accessibility: The location you want to site your business, is it accessible by only pedestrian or also by motorist. The more accessible the place the more customer you are likely to get.

Determine Level of Competition: It is not advisable to start up a business in place closer to another competitor, except when you don’t have option. Mind you the guy has been there for some time and has a whole lot of loyal customer already. Instead, try to look out a place where you’ll be the only barbing salon for a few blocks.

But a situation where you have unique marketing strategy, you can lunch there,  be committed and go the extra mile for your clients and your business will stand out from all others.


The major determinant of the equipment to go for is the amount of capital you have access to. As a student you might not need all the equipment listed here but you can always go for the most pressing ones:

  • Shop (Shop rent could be for six months, a year etc.)
  • Quality Clippers (always go for the best that will last)
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Barbing Chairs and furniture for the waiting customers(as a student you can start little).
  • Sterilizer for clippers
  • Generator Set (for power outages)
  • Hair Treatment Materials ( Sets of combs, After shave, scissors, powder, spirit, lotions etc)
  • Entertainment (TV, Sound System, newspapers/magazines, as the case maybe)
  • Sign post (for creating awareness and attracting customer)

Final Word

Create a platform for advertising your business. No business can thrive on its own if people do not patronize it, even project/research writing. Hence you will need to advertise your barbing salon business.  You can’t even beat competitors far and near without successful advert. You can do this by distributing business cards, brochures, flyers, word of mouth. You can also advertise on the internet through social networks like the facebook, alibaba, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.
The time to start is now, not tomorrow! Procrastination hinders a whole lot of success. The guideline and principle stated in this article is very paramount to your success. Follow the step to achieve remarkable success. Don’t forget to contact us, if you need extra information on this very issue, have suggestion or comment drop it below.

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