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5 Top Study tips for Fast Reading Examination Guide

An average university students will read just between 250-280 words per minutes. The truth is an individuals’ reading levels will evolve and improve over time  as he/she is exposed to and learning more vocabulary.

An individual familiarize with different words and their pronunciation they give themselves to reading.

An individual can deliberately build and develop the skills of reading and mastering words with the most efficient speed. Reading is essentially something you can work and improve on, which may be the key to success for students who are under the pressure of exams and need to make the most of their time.

Atimes you might just have very short time to prepare for an exam, interview, or any other form of presentation, where you need to familiarize yourself with bunch of words ranging in pages to chapters. In this case you need fast and mastering reading skills to cope under this pressure. Some of the major strategies will be discussed here, try to practice it and you will be surprised at the result.

Some of the major strategies will be discussed here, try to practice it and you will be surprised at the result.

Note also that fast reading is not about how many page you cover in few seconds without extracting the information, rather am talking about skill to read fast with an in-depth understanding of the context you read.

Strategies For Speed Reading

Concentrate on what you are reading

Concentration differs from focus on the reading materials. The term concentration mean wavering every other things that can divide your attention from what you are reading. At that point, you have to switch-off your phone, forgetting social media charting like WhatsApp among others.

Focus does not just means giving attention to what you got to read. It means not having divided attention and saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. Human mind is programmed to reflect on various issue at each point in time, but you can deliberately condition your mind to focus on only one task at a time.

Read with fast understanding

The truth is reading fast does not mean skimming. Skimming is different from reading fast in that you skim to get an overview but you read fast to have an in-depth knowledge for a short duration of time.

So you only master the key to reading fast when you can read a whole lots of materials within a short time frame and understand same. Once you are focus on what you are reading, forget whether you will remember what you are reading you will.

While reading let your heart assimilate the information, move through the text with your pen or book if you have not master the tactics. Although this might slow you are  a little because your brain is faster than your hand. Also avoid reading out loud as this can slow you down also.

Approach with understanding

Understand that fast reading is only obtainable in literature related course; English, psychology, mass communication, law and others. Although you can apply same to calculate course, all you need do is to master the technique of total concentration.

If you can give your reading the kind of concentration you often give to your exam or presentation then you will soon be an expert in speed reading. So the secret is learn to give it all your best, categorize every course you are reading and learn how to study same with full concentration and speed.

Learn to highlight Points to Remember

Highlighting point to note is a key reason to fast reading. This is because as you are reading so many information is entering your brain which your brain may be resisting some of the information. All you need is to highlight some key point that will help you remember others.

Once you have done reading the whole material within the given time frame, you can then preview the other highlighted  points that will assist you in recollecting all the information you have gathered while reading.

Digest the Information

The only reason we read or even go to school is to know what we have not known before. Yes! If you know how to wash your hand would you want to read about how to wash your hand again? The answer is NO. But human mind tends to forget about 40% of what we learn in about an hour unless.

The solution to retained knowledge is constant reading of main points highlighted at the first or second instance of reading the text or novel. You also make sure that you summarize the materials in your own language or the way it will be easy for you to assimilate.

You can also remember all you have learnt over time by teaching someone around you. If you the type that is shy, you can teach your close friend. You just have to share the knowledge, because by so doing you increase your knowledge of the subject.

The truth is that speed reading is one aspect of studying for academic success, if you master this strategies making A’s in all your subject will be as easy as anything. Remember it is only applied knowledge is power. Apply this principle and you will improve in your reading. Kindly share this write-up with your friends and loved ones, also follow us on twitter, facebook below.

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