Renewable Energy: Solution to Power Supply Failure in Nigeria.

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The development of renewable energy is the key to the development of any nation. Since energy has been regarded by many economist and many researchers as the engine that drive the economy of a nation, investment in renewable energy is therefore paramount for any nation to develop. What is renewable energy? Renewable energy are those sources of energy that can Continue reading

University of Lagos Information: Everything You Must Know

University of Lagos

University of Lagos popularly known as Unilag is among the top universities in Nigeria. Unilag is the first choice university in Nigeria, in terms of exposure, social life. The university is ranked number #1 by Shanghai rankings university ranking, 4 International Colleges & Universities (4ICU) and #2 by NUC. Read Nigeria top 100 university The university has produced great number Continue reading

Impact of Savings on Nigeria Economic Growth


Impact of savings on Nigeria economic growth will be the focus of this research work. Download the full research work and enjoy. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1.      Background to the study The three major macroeconomic goals pursued by policy makers in the world is the achievement of sustainable economic growth, price stability and full employment of its resources (both physical and Continue reading

Impact of Exchange rate on Agricultural output in Nigeria.


Impact of exchange rate on agricultural output in Nigeria  can never be over discussed given the movement of the world into a global village. Download the full work. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study The response of agricultural output to exchange rate fluctuation has been the subject of long and vigorous discussion, going back to Nerlove’s classic treatment Continue reading

Investment in Telecommunication on Nigeria Economic Growth


The impact of Investment in telecommunication on Nigeria economic growth cannot be overemphasised. Download the full project work. CHAPTER ONE INTROUDCTION 1.1       Background of the Study It is worthy of note that to date, the nation’s telecommunications sector has shown leadership in the nation’s overall ICT growth. In December 2000, Nigeria had 450,000 connected fixed lines, no connected digital mobile Continue reading

Oil Price Volatility on Nigeria Economic Growth


Impact of oil price volatility on Nigeria economic growth cannot be over-emphasised 1981-2016. Download the full project work below. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of Study Nigeria industrial sector has been impacted significantly by the wage of oil price volatility. During the period of high oil price in the international market, government increase expenditure in the industrial sector to Continue reading

Education on Nigeria economic growth 1981-2016


Education on Nigeria economic growth 1981-2016. Download the full research work from chapter one to end. In well organised word document. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1.      Background to the study Education is an age long phenomenon in all societies although it may take various forms from one society to another. In Nigeria two forms of education were in existence before the Continue reading

Agriculture Expenditure and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria


Agriculture expenditure and poverty alleviation in Nigeria has assumed a different dimension since 2016 given the currenet economic recession in the country.  Download the full research work below.  Several actions have been implemented to ameliorate the incidence of poverty in Nigeria, yet, it is still subsisting. Some of the factors responsible for this lie in the nature of the socio-political Continue reading