How to Improve Your Learning Skill and Memorize Faster

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Are you among those students who will read, read, and read ; or study for eight stretch hours and nothing to show for it. You get to exam hall and discover you could not remember anything. Oh! I see, you have concluded that your memory isn’t good enough, or maybe you don’t know how to learn fast. Yeah you are right! Some of us used to think like that. But Continue reading

How to Handle A Snoring Roommate in the University

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Snoring roommate can sometimes be very annoying and irritating to the partner. One funny thing about snoring people is that they tend to sleep faster than an averageĀ  person thereby giving room for others to be disturbed by their snoring that usually start less than 2 minutes after lying down to sleep. I remember when I was sick, the guy who came looking after me worsen the matter with his Continue reading

Top Tips for Effective Night Studying

Maybe you are the type that love night study, but you feel you don’t maximize your learning objectives much better as you ought to. The good news is that I have some tips here that can help you to get the best out of your night study: Relaxing during the day: The truth is that you can’t beat nature, you can only modify nature to suit you but not to Continue reading