10 Lies We Were Told In the University Causing Unemployment

The Professors and the elites lied to us and they are still lying to our younger ones in the university, and we are helpless and seemly can’t do anything about it. Last week while I was surfing the internet I stumbled upon a write up, “Why I hate school.” I paused and decides to read the article, the guy explain why school especially in Nigeria really suck. After I finished Continue reading

How to Gain Admission into Nigeria Universities

Information is power! If you are not informed you will be deformed. I have seen Nigerians who have seek admission into the university more than three times but all to no avail, yet we see awaiting result gaining admission on yearly basis. The truth is gaining admission to Nigeria university or admission anywhere in the world is easy if you understand the basic principle. If you know what to do Continue reading

How to Gain Admission to Nigerian University Without JAMB

If you want to gain admission to any Nigeria university without JAMB wahala here is your opportunity. Don’t waste more years in the house because of JAMB, grab this opportunity to achieve your dream before you. There are several ways one can gain admission via direct entry to 200 level in Nigerian universities without writing JAMB. The various procedure and schools that runs such program will be discussed below. a. Continue reading

10 Top Secrets of Mastering and Solving Any Maths Problem

Mathematics as easy as it is has remain one of the most challenging subject to many student over the years. I can’t help but wonder when student complain that math is hard. The truth is that math is not hard if you understand how to learn mathematics. Two reasons why math look like mystery to you could either be that your teacher is not teaching you well or you are Continue reading

Top Secrets of Getting A’s in Any Exam With Ease

Getting A’s in any exam is very easy if you know the best approach to tackle the question. It is not the highest readers or the ones that study most that have the best of grade in the university anywhere in the world. To make good grade has a lot of tactics and strategies to implement to see the desired result. I remember when I was in the university at Continue reading

Top Tips for Effective Night Studying

Maybe you are the type that love night study, but you feel you don’t maximize your learning objectives much better as you ought to. The good news is that I have some tips here that can help you to get the best out of your night study: Relaxing during the day: The truth is that you can’t beat nature, you can only modify nature to suit you but not to Continue reading

Scientist Proves That Night is not the Best Time to Study

One of the most debated concepts among students is the best time to study with better understanding. Most individual speak from their own point of view based on their body chemistry and temperament. Everyone will speak at length of the benefits of their preferred method to convince you. In reality, there is no scientific proven best time to study for better understanding but most expert speak based on their experience. Continue reading


Take advantage of this opportunity now and earn your HND at  Petroleum Training Institute Effurun, (PTI). The general public are informed that the Petroleum Training Institute Effurun, (PTI) Warri in Delata state has announced the sales of their application form for the 2016/2017 academic session. The following programmes that are available to the general public: PROGRAMMES AVAILABLE IN PETROLEUM TRAINING INSTITUTE: Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Department. Petroleum Engineering (HND). Petroleum Continue reading