Before starting a Business:Things to consider

before starting a business

Before starting a business in Nigeria there are things to consider to determine whether you are ready for such business or not. Youths unemployment is one of the major social-economic problem confronting Nigeria presently. On yearly basis hundreds of thousand graduates enters the labour market after their NYSC programme – all seeking paid employment, that is nowhere to be found. The youth who are the most active populace of any Continue reading

Make Above $150 Weekly Writing Article Online

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Do you want to make money online writing  article for people online? Freelance article writing gives you the opportunity to work from home and you can make money while in the university. If you love writing article you can start making serious money online. In fact, you must not be good at writing article to start writing article online. All you need to start making money online via article writing Continue reading

10 Lies We Were Told In the University Causing Unemployment

The Professors and the elites lied to us and they are still lying to our younger ones in the university, and we are helpless and seemly can’t do anything about it. Last week while I was surfing the internet I stumbled upon a write up, “Why I hate school.” I paused and decides to read the article, the guy explain why school especially in Nigeria really suck. After I finished Continue reading

Top 10 Business to Start With Small Capital in Nigeria

business to start with small capital

Business to start with small capital in Nigeria as a student are many. I will focus on top ten today. All over the world Nigeria inclusive, formal education is not just seen as an end(essential) but a means to an end(medium of getting money to meet ones needs). This all importance of formal education has led many to strive to acquire university education at all cost, even when the resources Continue reading

Steps to Establish Business Center in Nigeria

One of the most easiest business to start in campus with little or no capital is business center. All you need is either a laptop/desktop, printer and a marketing skill to start with. Yes with these equipment you can start typing people assignment for them, browsing and printing project materials for students. Other things you may need as your profit grows includes: photocopying and scanning, stapler,  a chair and table. Continue reading

How to Make Money From Bead Making For Students

One of the most lucrative business to start with very low capital (as low as N500) as a student with no experience is bead making. Though is quite competitive now. With excellent creativity, commitment and small capital you can always stand out from other competitors. Bead product are on high demand this days among the rich people in the societies and is very easy to make. You don’t need to Continue reading

How to Establish Barbing Salon for Nigeria Student

There are ever increasing opportunities for barbers in our campuses everyday. All you need is good packaging and open your mouth and tell people that this is what you are capable of doing. As a student, you can start providing mobile haircuts services to other student. Now that you don’t have your shop, negotiate with the owner of the shop, be willing to give the shop owner some commission for Continue reading

Make Money From Project Writing As a Student in Nigeria

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Make money from project writing is what this article tends to adress. Though research work is not as easy as you think, of course, if it is easy no one will come for your help. In order word it calls for serious commitment and effort to convince people that you will deliver. That is why project/research writing In order word it calls for serious commitment and effort to convince people Continue reading

Make Money As a Student Via Tutorial in University

The reason why most students struggles in the university because of finance is simply because of lack of creativity, there are most opportunities to make money in the university. That is true! People are making cool cash as an average students but only take creativity, determination and diligence. I will be sharing one of the most commonest means in this article; tutorial lesson. Organizing tutorials or establishing tutorial center mostly Continue reading