South-Africa Took Over From Nigeria As Africa’s Largest Economy

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According to the report by Bloomberg, South Africa’s economy regained the position of Africa’s largest economy in terms  of dollar exchange more than two years after losing it to Nigeria as the value of the nations’ currencies moved in opposite directions. Recall that Nigeria Became the largest economy  2014 after Rebasing her GDP when authorities in the West African nation Continue reading

Freakonomics: A new Practical Approach to Economics


Freakonomics a new dimensional approach to economic issues, that establishes unconventional realities to economics different from the traditional approach. Freakonomics takes a new way in looking at things – the principal idea is that economics exist as a tool to study society and not mere utilization of wealth. The message, however, is not in the details, but in the overarching Continue reading

Benefits of studying Economics in the University

benefit of studying economics

The benefit of studying economics in college or university cannot be over-emphasized. But the question often asked, is how beneficial is economics knowledge to an individual? People want to know what they will benefit studying economics among others. If you want to keep up to date with current events around the globe and love anything to do with startups, businesses, Continue reading

Top 50 Best universities in the World Latest Ranking

Of the top 50 universities in the world, 32 universities are from United states, 7 are from United Kingdom. Other countries like Japan, France and Germany has at least two universities each from their country. Some countries like China, Africa continent as a whole has no universities at the top of the ranking. Below is the top 50 universities in Continue reading