About Us


About Us

We are an independent research institute devoted to providing informative needs of the general public (Nigerians and beyond).

We help our clients with their research work both academics and corporate research on

  • The state of Nigeria economy (any topic),
  • Other African economies,
  • University academics research (project, journals, and term papers) with keen interest on Nigeria university,
  • Small business start-up,
  • Academics tips and advice to university students.

To promote quality education in Nigeria and Africa we provide free project topics to students. We also teach and help students with their assignment and allow them free time to focus on their study.

Our blog covers posts on Nigeria economy analysis, students projects materials, students small business start-up, and students academics excellence tips.

We have team of experts who are readily available to assist you with the information needs concerning Nigeria economics situation, Nigeria education and many more.

Kindly, contact us for any of your research needs. email: educacinfo@gmail.com. or 07069321463. I guarantee you of the best research work evidence from clients opinion.

“Don’t do for yourself what others can do for you”, time is money.



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