Economics Recession in Nigeria: What you must know

recession in Nigeria

Economics recession in Nigeria, meaning, causes, solution, and precautions dominates economics discussion in Nigeria and Africa at large today. Recall, Nigeria has plunged into economics recession after witnessing -1.7 and -2.06 in the first and second quarter of 2016 (NBS). The common question Nigerians and others have been asking include: What is the cause of current economics recession in Nigeria? What is the solution to the economics recession in Nigeria? Continue reading

Top reasons people go to the University and College

reason people go to the university

Is funny to find out the top reasons people go to the university or college. I was interacting with a friend of mine about the reasons people actually go to the university.  His answers were funny but amazing, so I decided to find out for myself reasons people go to college or university. These are my findings. Reasons people go to college or university People go to the university because Continue reading