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the impact of change management in Nigerian banking industry. Download the full project work from chapter one to five with reference and abstract. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1            Background of the Study Demands for greater efficiency, accountability and value for money have led to a revaluation of how banking industry services are resourced and delivered. Traditional bureaucratic approaches are no Continue reading


literature review

Analysis on the impact of social responsibilities of oil companies in the host communities in the niger delta region of Nigeria. Download from chapter one to five. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION   1.1. Background of the Study The impact of oil companies towards improved welfare (social responsibility) for Nigerians as a whole and Niger Delta in particular goes to the very Continue reading


literature review

Analysis of corporate leadership and employee empowerment in selected Nigerian banks. With the licensing of new Banks and imminent introduction of universal banking. The competition in commercial banking is getting stiffer. Commercial banks sell virtually the same product and king customer is very much aware since needs are ever changing, if a company is not bale to satisfy its customers’ Continue reading


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impact of employees motivation on organizational productivity. The researcher hopes that the finding and suggestions would enable for effective management of employees towards achieving organizational goals. The study will enable manager to Power Holding Company of Nigeria Enugu to identity how productivity can be improved through effective and efficient motivation.   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Continue reading


literature review

The research conducted an appraisal of leadership style and effectiveness on organizational  performance. The study among others, seek identify the weaknesses or inadequacies of various variables of leadership style and effectiveness. It is the researcher’s belief that this work through its findings will change the perception of the National Youth Service Corps Kogi State Secretariat leadership and other organisation’s leaders Continue reading

Write Problem Statement in Project, dissertation and Thesis

problem statement

Generally, problem statement or statement of the problem is usually argued by many authors as the most important part of the research work. According to Saunders et al (2009), it determines every other aspect of the research, your research question, objectives and hypothesis are derived from the problem statement. Once, you fail to get it right, your research work is Continue reading

determinant of Healthcare demand in Nigeria

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The determinant of healthcare demand in Nigeria, a case study of OYO state, Nigeria.  Download the full research work in a doc editable format. The human capital is able to accomplish those desired objectives outlined by the society only on the fundamental premise that the people are in good health. Health is a basic fundamental right of all citizens and Continue reading

Human Capital Development on Nigeria Economic Growth

The impact of human capital development on Nigeria economic 1981-2016 PDF. The research analyses the role of human capital development on Nigeria economic growth, the policies government has developed so far to improve human capital in nigeria, the reason why some failed and how all this play roles in driving the economic growth of the country. Download the full research Continue reading

Negative Impact of External Debt on Nigeria Economic Growth

external debt

The negative impact of external debt on Nigeria economic growth hardly come to the mind of the policy makers at the point of contracting the loan. Loan or borrowing to fund gaps in government revenue has become norm in Sub-Sahara Africa especially in Nigeria. It is unfortunate how most government overlook the negative impact of external debt and focus only Continue reading

CBN Statistical Bulletin 2016: Free Download

Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical bulletin

Download the Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical bulletin of 2016, Volume 27, free PDF. The central bank bulletin is a yearly publication of CBN on key statistics on Nigeria macroeconomic indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP), money supply (MS), Consumer price index, interest rate, government revenues and expenditure among others. Below are the four major sections of the central Continue reading

Exchange rate instability on Export in Nigeria 1981-2016

The impact of exchange rate instability on export performance in Nigeria has gain discussion especially after the recent recession that Nigeria in 2016. this research examine the role of exchange rate instability in export performance of Nigeria with the view of providing a academic contribution to the discussion. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The exchange rate is Continue reading

Commercial Bank Credit on Agricultural Production in Nigeria

The impact of commercial bank Credit on agricultural production in Nigeria 1981-2015. Download the full research work in doc editable format. In recent years, Nigeria has been of hand with agriculture, yet the sector still accounts for a significant proportion of her gross domestic product. Agriculture was the leading sector in the pre-oil boom era, contributing 63 and 54 percent Continue reading

Interest rate on Private Sector Investment in Nigeria

The impact of interest rate on private sector investment in Nigeria 1981-2016. Download the the full research work in doc editable file. The research investigate the impact of interest rate on private sector investment within the context of Nigeria, factors that determines the interest targeting of the central bank and how this impact on private sector investment cum economic growth. Continue reading

Deposit Money Bank on Foreign trade in Nigeria

The impact of deposit money bank on foreign trade in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. This research examine the impact of deposit money bank on foreign trade in Nigeria within the period of 1981-2016. Download the full work in doc file.   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Businesses, unlike people, are not created equally. There are some Continue reading

Fiscal Policy on Nigeria Economic Growth 1981-2016

Impact of fiscal policy on Nigeria economic growth within the period of 1981-2016. Download the full project work below in an doc editable format. Despite the lofty place of fiscal policy in the management of the economy, the Nigerian economy is yet to come on the path of sound growth and development. Studies by Agiobenebo (2003), Gbosi (2002) and Okona Continue reading

Impact Non-oil Export on Nigeria Economic growth

The impact of Non-oil export on Nigeria economic growth 1981-2016. Download the full research work in doc editable format. The export of crude oil now constitutes about 96% of total exports. The performance of the non-oil exports in the past two decades leaves little or nothing to be desired. The policy concern over the years has therefore been to expand Continue reading

Renewable Energy: Solution to Power Supply Failure in Nigeria.

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The development of renewable energy is the key to the development of any nation. Since energy has been regarded by many economist and many researchers as the engine that drive the economy of a nation, investment in renewable energy is therefore paramount for any nation to develop. What is renewable energy? Renewable energy are those sources of energy that can Continue reading

University of Lagos Information: Everything You Must Know

University of Lagos

University of Lagos popularly known as Unilag is among the top universities in Nigeria. Unilag is the first choice university in Nigeria, in terms of exposure, social life. The university is ranked number #1 by Shanghai rankings university ranking, 4 International Colleges & Universities (4ICU) and #2 by NUC. Read Nigeria top 100 university The university has produced great number Continue reading